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Hi! This page remains from my original, first set of Web pages, which are long since defunct. When I began with a Windows 3.1/386 machine in 1997, the creation of these images was a stretch. . . . :) Times have changed.

As a reminder for me--and as a service to you--this page will not be moving again. :)

I probably won't be adding anything to this page, but it will remain right here until at least June of 1999 when the agreement with my service provider expires.

These pages have been on-line--and moved twice--since late December, 1997.

Top: grey panel w/vent These panels make good Windows™ wallpaper: they were based on a photograph with Maya from the reverse side of the 1976 Power Records album Space: 1999. I endorse Space: 1999 and links to excellent Space: 1999 Web sites are available below.

I used the Windows™ 3.1 Paint program to make .BMP files. I then converted those files with ThumbsPlus™ (which I recommend) into the .GIF files displayed full size here.

Even though the photograph I had to work from was only fair, I did attempt to stay faithful to the original designs. The only intentional alteration made was the addition of the red label to the grey ventilation panel.

Directions that will teach you how to download the graphics using Netscape™ on an IBM-compatible computer are below. Converting graphics using ThumbsPlus™ is simple and fast. You can download a Shareware copy of the program, which I find to be useful and of high quality, from Cerious Software, Incorporated.

Row 1: yellow panel above 'Gravity Generator' 
panel. To download the graphics using Netscape™ and an IBM-compatible computer:

  1. Move to the panel graphic and click/hold with your right mouse button
  2. Select save this image as... with your left mouse button
  3. Find and select your temporary directory, probably named TEMP and located in your C: directory
  4. move the pointer to the OK button and click the left mouse button. You should regain control of Netscape and the .GIF file will be saved in C:/TEMP.

Row 2: yellow Later, to convert the file to .BMP format and use it as wallpaper [instructions are based on ThumbsPlus™ procedures]:

  1. open ThumbsPlus™ or an equivalent
  2. find the .GIF in the C:/TEMP directory and load it into your graphics viewing program
  3. select the .GIF file by "highlighting" it
  4. select from the FILE menu the CONVERT option
  5. convert the graphic making sure that the conversion is set to output the new .BMP graphic into your Windows™ folder, which is probably C:/WINDOWS.
  6. To make the .BMP into wallpaper in ThumbsPlus™, just select the graphic by "highlighting" it and click on the thumbtacked-wallpaper button above the main viewing area. ThumbsPlus™ will automatically make the .BMP into tiled wallpaper.
  7. Because the .BMP is now in your Windows directory, tiled wallpaper can be made from the .BMP with your screen control panel if you do not have ThumbsPlus™.

Row 1: top orange panel Row 1: alternate yellow panel

If you enjoy these panels or notice any discrepancies, send E-mail to William at wstotler@a23.com.

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This page was last updated 24 June 1997.