201 Pool T & C

201 Pool Tournaments is just an extension of 201 pool game. Here players just have to knockout other players seated on their table for a guaranteed prize.

Player with the least score at the end is declared the winner. Player not only gets his winnings but also gets auto registered for the next level to win a higher prize amount.

  • Drop = 25 points; Middle Drop = 50 points; Full Count= Max 80 points
  • Jokers: 2 Wild Card Jokers and Cut Jokers in all rounds
  • Winning Hand: 1 Pure Life (Straight Sequence without a Joker) is Compulsory; 1 more Life with/without Joker is Compulsory
  • The player who makes a successful Show gets 0; the other players get a score that is equal to the sum of the values of their cards that are not a part of a valid Life or Set. These scores get added up after the end of every Round. A player is eliminated once his score is 201 or more
  • Rejoin is allowed only if no player is above 174. For 201 Pool-NR games, no rejoins are allowed
  • No Split or Auto Split scenarios - only 1 winner per table
  • Half Count: In case of Deal Show, count for players who have not played yet will be Half Count
  • Auto Registration can’t be canceled, but paid registrations can be
  • Final 1 will be open only after last qualifier round gets completed
  • All winnings get added to the players only after games on all tables are completed
  • Prizes advertised for all rounds are based on full occupancy of the seats in those particular rounds and actual prizes will be distributed based on actual participation in each round


Seats are assigned at random. Seat changes are not permitted.


By participating in a tournament, a player accepts the risk of Internet disconnection, due to problems with the connection between their computer and the servers, lag or freeze or some other problem in the player's computer or the Internet. Ace2Three does not accept any responsibility for a player disconnected while in a Tournament, except in the case of a server crash.

While each user is responsible for his or her own Internet connection, Ace2Three makes an effort to protect players who are disconnected and Auto Play will be available for 3 rounds in case total count is more than 50, afterwhich the game will be middle dropped. During this time, if another player makes a successful show, the disconnected player will be considered as middle dropped. In case total count is less than 50 Auto Play will continue till any opponent declares a Show.

Unethical Play

Rummy is an individual (not a team) game. Any action intended to help another player is unethical and is prohibited. Unethical play, such as playing less aggressively against a partner and chip dumping (intentionally losing chips to a partner), may result in account suspension, including seizure of funds from the offender's account and/or termination of the account. Ace2Three routinely reviews game play to look for violations of our rules and to ensure the integrity of our games. It may be necessary to withhold player winnings until the completion of game play reviews.

Server Issues

In special circumstances, when a tournament needs to be cancelled because of a crash or some other reason, participating players will be communicated with alternate Tournament Details and / or refund of Tournament Entry + Re-entry amounts.