Anti Fraud Measures

Ace2Three Anti Fraud/Collusion Policy

Ace2Three aims to provide its members with a world class gaming environment for playing A23Indian Rummy. Not only do we aim to improve your rummy experience by introducing new features frequently, but also by making Ace2Three a secure platform for any transaction. We use secure sites such as HDFC, CCAvenue, TPSL and MOL for payments. In addition, various measures have been taken to ensure that the players are protected from any fraudulent activities.

Ace2Three implements the following strict rules to ensure a fraud/collusion free gaming environment.

Before the game starts

  • Seating is random, and no seat is prefixed for any game. Players, therefore, have no control over selection of players on any table.
  • To shuffle cards, the Random Number Generator used by Ace2Three has been certified by iTech Labs, an IEC/ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory.
  • Players logged in from the same IP address are not allocated seats on the same table.

During the game

  • Information about the playing cards is always encrypted, thereby preventing any third party from viewing the same.
  • Anti-fraud algorithms track every move (selection of cards, discards, melds, shows) by every player on every table round the clock.
  • Necessary checks have been implemented to analyze if 2 or more players are colluding during the course of a game/tournament. An alert is automatically raised if there are any signs of collusion. Suspected games are carefully scrutinized; if collusion is confirmed, accounts of players are blocked and their funds seized. Players affected by collusion are returned their chips.

After the game ends

  • Players suspected of collusion are blocked from playing at the same table for life.

Chat Abuse

  • The 'Chat' feature has been introduced to make the game enjoyable and entertaining for the players. Players abusing this feature are blocked temporarily/permanently depending on the severity of the abuse.
  • Although, the 'Chat's are monitored, it is possible that a few of them might escape our immediate attention. 'Users' are requested to inform us if they notice abuse of the 'Chat'.

Although the above policies are carefully implemented, 'Users' are requested to contact us at or by clicking the 'Report a Problem' link if they are suspicious of fraud/collusion at the tables - a proactive response from your part would ensure our prompt response to any fraud/collusion issue and appropriate steps to tackle the same and avoid a repeat of the same in the future.