Carrom / Carrom FAQs

You can play online Carrom on your mobile by downloading the A23 Games app. Once the file has downloaded, you can enter the app and choose Carrom from various other games available on the platform. Start off with a free Carrom game and move up the ladder.

All you have to do is play the carrom game on A23 Games and keep on winning. You will receive prizes based on your game performance. The online Carrom at A23 Games is a unique gameplay experience, and your Carrom skills will be tested once you try your hand at it.

Carrom on A23 is user-friendly in both design and gameplay. The game has been simulated to such an extent that it mirrors real-life gameplay scenarios, and the graphics are enhanced to the point which is as close as it can get to the actual game.

The game mechanics are also designed in a way as to mimic how the game responds to your actions in real life. You are guided at every juncture to smoothen your accuracy and aim while striking. The responsiveness and instant feedback has also been enhanced to help you reach your optimum level as a player in real quick time.

Download A23 Games for the most satisfying Carrom board gameplay experience.

In Carrom, you will be assigned either all white or all black coins/discs (also called Men). You need to have all pieces pocketed and ensure that you pocket the queen coin followed by an assigned white/black coin (covering the Queen). The first player to do so wins the game of Carrom. In case you fail to pocket the cover, you will have to put the Queen back in the centre circle of the Carrom board.

When a player disconnects due to Network Connectivity issues,

  • The player gets 15 seconds to come back and hit the striker
  • If the player is not able to come back in 15 seconds, their chance will be skipped
  • The player will be given 3 rounds of 15 seconds each. If the player is unable to get back within these 3 rounds, the opponent wins by default