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Best Fantasy Cricket Tips to Win Cash Daily on A23

Fantasy cricket games are currently the talk of the town in the world of online gaming. Not just in India, but across the globe, the players are extensively engaging in this genre of gaming. Fantasy cricket is an online cricket game where you can build a virtual team from the pool of cricketers about to play the cricket matches. The scoring system is based on their performances. But a few tips and tricks can help you be the champion of fantasy cricket leagues.

The online fantasy cricket tips listed here will guide you to approach the team selection in the best possible way.

Cricket is not about individuals, but more about the team. It's not about what one cricketer scores, but what the team does together. Hence, the key trick to winning is creating a suitable team. Selecting a few in-form players can earn you smaller rewards, but it's what you put into creating the whole team that decides your odds of winning. You must not hinge only on the top few performers but put efforts to analyze the finer aspects of all 11 players to orchestrate your perfect match. Following are some of the fantasy cricket winning tips that you should definitely use while creating your team.

First and foremost, keep a tab on the last performances of every player you're intending to get on board. You should not go for a player who has been a good performer in the past but is currently not doing well. More than their previous career record, what matters is their current ability to ace the game which is determined by their recent performances. Hence, the latest form counts more in fantasy cricket games, since your earnings will depend on the performance in a one-off match. However, if it is a league that you are selecting the team for, then feel free to opt for class players as they are likely to perform better in the long run.

One of the successful mantras to win big in fantasy cricket is selecting the efficient top order batsmen, especially in T20s. They're going to play the maximum number of deliveries, so if they end up scoring big, it's a winning strategy for the team. And the way most of the teams are lined up these days, the top 3 are reserved slots for the best batsmen in the team. Hence, their probability of scoring big is more than the others.

Choosing the right captain and vice-captain is another crucial determinant for building your dream team. These two decisions are actually make-or-break factors for the team. The captain of each fantasy XI gets 2X points and the vice-captain gets 1.5X points, so if you manage to select the two best performers of the game as your captain and vice-captain, it will give your opponents a pretty hard time defeating you.

Other important factors to keep in mind while selecting your players are weather and pitch reports. It's something that most of the players miss and end up with teams who fail to perform efficiently. Weather and pitch are equally important determinants to choose your players. For instance, if the pitch is slow and dry, then you should be more inclined to pick spinners instead of a pace bowler. Similarly, if it's the pitch at Wankhede, power hitters and swing bowlers should find a place in your team.

While selecting your team for particular matches, make sure you're constantly updated and carefully have an eye on last minute changes, as it will help you build the perfect cricket squad. Proactivity can make you win big. Go through the following tips as well and get that trophy home.

Keep a tab on the toss results as it will give you a small window to make any last -minute changes, if you want. As soon as the final XI is released by the teams, you can make the necessary amendments, if required, and you can even choose to drop the players you might have selected but are not in the playing XI. Go extra with your teams

Another interesting drill in fantasy cricket teams is to create multiple teams to increase your chance of winning. Even if you end up losing one match, you might stand a chance to conquer other matches. Since there is no dearth of contests in fantasy cricket, you can always keep creating more teams.

Always stay in touch with real time updates and look out for all the news that the teams are coming out with. Something as small as a change of coach in cricket creates a huge impact and can change the course of your game. So be aware of changes, plan and play.

Know your players

Know every little update about the lives of the players. Something as common as a injury plays an extremely important role in helping you pick the right team. Similarly, if there is a change in the batting position of a player, you should be aware of it. 60% of players in your team should ideally be top-order batsmen.

Since it's mandatory for you to select one player from all the categories: batsmen, bowlers, WK and fielders, make sure you choose them wisely. For instance, top order batsmen need not necessarily be proper batsmen, but can also be any player who bats at the top. One of the suggested ways to go about it is picking all- rounders who bat in the top 4. This way, maximum points can be earned as per their all- round performances. The same is for wicket keepers who can efficiently bat. They will earn points both with wicket-keeping and batting.