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- Registration: As a first step, you need to choose the match you want to play. Once you do, you'll be redirected to the next section where you'll be asked to create your own fantasy basketball team.

- Player Selection: You're credited with 1000 points to select the players and you have to carefully choose the point-guards, shooting guards, small forwards, power forwards & centers. Then pick the star player for your fantasy basketball team & continue with the registration.

- Entering a Contest: Once you build your team, you can now choose the contest of your choice from the list. Each contest has its separate entry fee & prize money.

- Team Selection Rules: Every time you select a player, points pertaining to that player will be deducted from your available credit limit of 1000.

Make sure that your team consists of 8 players and follow the rules listed below:

  • Point-Guard: 1 to 4 players
  • Shooting Guard: 1 to 4 players
  • Small-forward: 1 to 4 players
  • Power Forward:1 to 4 players
  • Centre:1 to 4 players

In Fantasy Basketball, your score is dependent on the real-time on-field performance of your chosen players. So, if your players aren't performing well on the field, then it will reflect in your game as well. Which is why in fantasy games, it's crucial for players to stay in tune with the performance of players in real time.

Team points calculation

Points Scored 2
Rebounds 2.5
Assist 3
Steals 6
Blocks 6
Turn Overs -2

- The star player will receive double (2 times) the fantasy points for his performance.

- Any event during overtime will be considered for awarding fantasy points.

- A clean sheet is credited if the player played for at least 55 minutes but did not concede a goal.

- In case of any transfer/trade of a real-life player in the intervening period between scheduled updates, the change will not be reflected in the roster of players until the next scheduled update.

- Please note that while the transferred player will be available for selection in the transferor team's roster of players in a contest during the intervening period, no points will be attributed to such transferred player in the course of such contest.

How to win Fantasy Basketball?

- Like in most fantasy games, the team building exercise is crucial for this one too. It's important to carefully choose the lineup of players in order to perform efficiently and also stay in touch with the recent events and changes in their real time performance.

- Choose your Star-Player wisely as this player will earn you double the points. The right star player can either make you win the game or lose it.

- Make sure that you've thought through and analyzed the current form of players before you add them to your team.

- Make good use of the credits to distribute them wisely amongst the field positions since you are limited with the number of player selections for every position.

The Captain will get 2X and the Vice Captain will get 1.5 X the fantasy points for his/her performance

Starting points are assigned to any player on the basis of announcement of his/her inclusion in the team. However, in case the player is unable to start the match after being included in the team sheet, he/she will not score any points. Points shall however, be applicable (including starting points) to any player who plays as a replacement of such player to whom starting points were initially assigned.

Any event during overtime will be considered for awarding fantasy points

In case a player is transferred/reassigned to a different team between two scheduled updates, for any reason whatsoever, such transfer/reassignment (by whatever name called) shall not be reflected in the roster of players until the next scheduled update. It is clarified that during the intervening period of two scheduled updates, while such player will be available for selection in the team to which the player originally belong, no points will be attributable to such player during the course of such contest.

Data is provided by reliable sources and once the points have been marked as completed i.e. winners have been declared, no further adjustments will be made. Points awarded live in-game are subject to change as long as the status is 'In progress' or 'Waiting for review'.