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In India, if cricket is worshiped, then football is equally loved and celebrated. A sport that's loved across the globe has gradually gathered the same level of interest from Indians over the years. We've got Ronaldos emerging from countless streets in our country and football is, in fact, a large part of conversations with regards to national sports too. So, Indians are not only playing football but also following the sport domestically and internationally.

The international interest for this sport has led to the creation and growth of an ecosystem that strives on daily fantasy football leagues. It still appeals to the masses and with the emergence of fantasy football, the fans can now take a keen look at a sport that has often been addressed as 'not enjoyable enough'.

Fantasy football is a fantasy game where gamers can put their football knowledge to test against other fans. The players are expected to do the same drill as in every other fantasy game: choose from the pool of real time players, but virtually, and see the game unfold with every move they make. They need to use information they know about players to construct their own lineup and make sure they're in tune with all the recent updates about football and the players.

  • The team points are calculated as per the following rules.
  • Playing Time
  • If the player plays for 55 minutes or more: +2 points
  • If the player plays less than 55 minutes: +1 Point
  • Every goal scored by a striker/attacker: +8 Points
  • Every goal scored by a midfielder: +9 Points
  • Every goal scored by a goalkeeper/defender: +10 Points
  • Every assist that leads to a goal: +5 Points
  • 10 passes completed by a player: +0.5 Points
  • For every 2 shots on target: +1 Point
  • Defense
  • Clean sheet (Midfielder): +1 Point
  • Clean Sheet (GK/Defender): +5 Points
  • For every 3 shots saved (GK): +2 Points
  • For every penalty saved: +9 Points
  • Successful tackle: +1 Point

- The team captain earns 2X points, while the vice- captain scores 1.5X.

- Players also earn starting points based on their team inclusion.

- If the player is substituted before a goal is scored, the player still gets a clean sheet.

- Assists will be awarded in following cases:

  • Pass was intentional.
  • For winning a penalty.
  • Free kick that leads to a goal.
  • A cross that results in own goal.

- Assists will not be awarded in the following cases:

  • Opponent touches the ball before it crosses the goal-line.
  • The goal scorer loses possession and then regains it from the opponent.

- If the player misses a penalty and scores on the rebound, he will get points for the penalty but -2 for missing it.

- If a player misses the penalty, but the goalkeeper has not touched the ball in trying to save that penalty, the goalkeeper will not get any points.

New to the world of Fantasy Football? Kick away your worries because we've got you covered.

- To begin with, you're allotted 100 points to create your team. You have to purchase a team of players and their stats will be measured against other competitors.

- Participants will join matches and compete against other players for a specific buy-in amount that they designate. Buy-in ranges from 0 INR to heavy-hitting one-on-one challenges.

- The number of competitors in a given match may vary.

- To create a winning football fantasy team, keep the following points in mind:

- Your team should have players from both the teams.

- Your team should have 1 goalkeeper, at least 3 defenders and midfielders and one striker (minimum).

- You can choose any formation starting from 3-4-3, 4-4-2, 3-5-2 to 4-5-1.

- The combined value of players should be either 100 or less than that.

- The winning factor

The final score is calculated as a total of points scored by all 11 players. And each player wins points based on statistics accumulated throughout the game. The statistics include goals, assists, shots, crosses, red and yellow cards, fouls, saves, penalty kick saves, goals allowed, and more. Whoever drafts the 11 players with the most statistical points wins the contest and receives their payout immediately.