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One of the most loved and popular Indian sports, Kabaddi, is also now a part of fantasy games online. It's a contact team sport and demands fast speed and prompt thinking as major skill sets.

In fantasy Kabaddi games, you've to follow the same drill as other fantasy games. Choose your players, build your team. You've to keep in mind the recent changes and developments in lives of players to be able to choose them. Since kabaddi is also a team sport, it's important to think through the entire lineup of players as only a few good performances can't make your team win. It's always the collective performance of the team that brings victory home.

Also make sure that your choice of captain and vice-captain comes after a thoughtful process of selection. Captain fetches you double the fantasy points scored by him and vice-captain earns 1.5X his fantasy scores. The captaincy duo can make you win or lose the game of Kabaddi.

Kabaddi in India has not only been a sport that the players enjoy, but for spectators it's a matter of excitement and thrill as well. While this sport has been played for decades in India, creating it virtually and bringing that thrill online has proven to be successful to some extent as we see a lot of players engaged in fantasy Kabaddi. Fantasy Kabaddi has some interesting facts, that you can't miss, so here goes:

1. Brings players closer to the game of real Kabaddi.

2. Your knowledge and skills about the game can make you earn.

3. Constant gaming also improves your skill set and knowledge of the game.


Wondering how to play the game of Fantasy Kabaddi online? Check out the rules below:

1. Creating your team

- Keep in mind the cap on the kind of players you can choose, when you build your Kabaddi team:

Minimum 1, Maximum 3 Raiders

Minimum 1, Maximum 2 All-Rounders

Minimum 2, Maximum 4 Defenders

Maximum 5 players are allowed from one team

- Make sure you choose the best players for captaincy because your captain will earn 2X and the vice-captain will earn 1.5X for every point they earn during the match.

- If a player in your team isn't playing owing to injury or any other circumstances, they won't win or lose any points. Their replacement would receive points based on their performance only.

2. Playing Game:

- The super tackle will win you points equal to those for successful tackle along with the super tackle.

- Raiders will get negative points for getting out and positive points for putting out.

- Pushing out all opponents will result in points to the opponent team. Getting them all out will also attract points in the same way.

3. Discipline:

- Disciplinary cards are issued to players during the course of the game, depending on 'getting all out' or 'pushing all out' moves.

- These cards come in mainly three colors: Red, Yellow, and Green.

- The players will receive negative points for all of the cards they keep getting.

4. Extra Time

- During extra time, if any event affects the game, then it will fetch points.

- Events carried out during golden raids do not carry any points.

Being part of the Starting 7 8
Making a substitute appearance 2
Each successful raid touch point 8
Raid Bonus 2
Each successful tackle 20
Each unsuccessful raid -2
Super tackle 8
Pushing all out (starting 7) 8
Getting all out (starting 7) -4
Green Card -2
Yellow Card -4
Red Card -6
High 5 10
Super Raid 4
Super 10 (Raid touch Points + Bonus Points) 4
Unsuccessful tackle -1

The player you choose to be your team's Captain will receive 2 times the points.

The Vice-Captain will receive 1.5 times the points for his performance.

If a player is announced in the starting seven of a team but later is unable to start the match, they will not score any points. The player who plays as the replacement will earn points for the match (including starting points)

Points for a substitute appearance will only be given the first time a player enters the field of play.

Points for super tackle will be added to the points of a successful tackle (20 for successful tackle + 8 for super tackle)

Points for a raid touch will be given to the raider for every opponent he gets out or puts out.

Points for getting the opposition team all out will only be given to players who are part of the starting 7.

Negative points for getting all out will only be given to players who are part of the starting 7.

If a player receives any card, he will continue to get negative (for Getting All Out) and positive (for Pushing All out) points.

Points deducted for Red Cards include deductions for a Yellow Card and Green Card. Similarly, points deducted for Yellow Cards include deductions for Green Cards.

If a Green/Yellow/Red card is given to someone in the team/support staff, it will not have any impact on the player's individual points.

Any event during extra time will be considered for awarding points.

Any event during Golden Raids will not be considered for awarding points.

A player who has been transferred from one team to the other might still be available for selection for his older team until the next scheduled team update on platform. However, no points will be attributed to the player in such a situation.

A player who has not participated in the game as part of the starting 7 or as a substitute will not be awarded negative points for receiving yellow/red/green cards for off-field activities.

Each player will get super 10 only once during the match

Data is provided by reliable sources and once the points have been marked as completed i.e. winners have been declared, no further adjustments will be made. Points awarded live in-game are subject to change as long as the status is under review.