Profile Picture

Update Your Profile Pic

How to upload

Step 1:

To upload your profile picture, access your profile page on mobile


Step 2:

Click 'Edit' under the profile picture icon


Step 3:

Upload picture by using the camera or accessing your phone gallery


Step 4:

On successful upload, the picture will be sent for approval before it is displayed.


How to Disable

Disable profile picture by:

Step1: Go to 'Settings' on the your Game table

Step2: Switch 'OFF' to disable profile pictures.

On disabling profile pictures, you will not be able to view yours as well as other players profile pictures but the other players will be able to view your profile picture

Profile Picture Guidelines

  • Pictures should not be blank or of poor quality
  • Pictures that have explicit images such as sexual content, nudity, child abuse, animal abuse, bodily harm, firearms, illegal drugs etc. will be rejected.
  • The use of a company or business name, logo, or other trademark or copyright-protected material is prohibited.
  • Pictures that contain any form of advertising or branding of any asset will be rejected.
  • Pictures bearing religious references will be rejected.