Tips to Use Important Cards in Online Rummy Games
Tips to Use Important Cards in Online Rummy Games

Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India. It has been traditionally played with friends and family during gatherings. However, since the onset of the pandemic, the game has moved to a digital platform. The rapid increase in the number of websites to play rummy online is indicative of the popularity of the game. Contrary to popular belief, winning a card game such as rummy isn’t completely based on luck, and is in fact a game of strategy. Winning a game of rummy is more skill than luck. Players must use their skills to judiciously use the cards in their hand. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to evaluate cards and leverage those cards to win the game –

  • Pure Sequence 

Having a pure sequence is one of the requirements to win a game of rummy. It is advised to form a pure sequence before moving on the other sequences and sets. When you have a pure sequence in hand, you have the flexibility of playing around with other cards.

  • High Value Cards

Although it may sound counterproductive, you should get rid of high value cards early on in the game. Cards like king, queen, jack, ten and ace increase your point burden and give your opponent the chance to declare rummy before you.

  • Perfect Cards

New players often make the mistake of waiting for the perfect cards. Since making a pure sequence should be a priority, players should evaluate the cards in hand and rearrange them in order to curate the combination of cards needed to win the game.

  • Sequence of 4 Cards

In a game of rummy, sequence and sets can be made from cards with a minimum of three. One of the tricks often overlooked is making a sequence of four or more cards. 

  • Middle Cards

Middle cards are perhaps the undertakers in the game of rummy. They are the most versatile cards which increase the number of combinations possible. For instance, with a 5 of ♣, players have the option to make a sequence of 2,3,4,5 or 5,6,7,8 or a set of 555.

  • Discard vs Draw

Players need to have a strategic approach towards discarding and drawing cards. For instance, idle cards that will in no way help you create a sequence or a set, should be immediately discarded. This trick helps increase the number of cards that you can actually use.

  • Alternate Colours

A pro tip while playing rummy is alternating the colours while arranging the sets and sequences in your hand. This approach is recommended because it reduces the chances of discarding or picking up a card by mistake.

  • Joker

Joker 🃏 is probably the most powerful card in the deck because a joker card can be assumed to be of any value and suit as a substitute. A joker card is essentially a wild card. 

Any number card from the deck can be assumed as the joker card, which is often decided by the dealer. For instance, in a round, the dealer declares 7 to be the joker. So if you receive a 7 of any suit, you can use that card to complete any set or incomplete sequence.

A23- The ultimate online rummy game platform

One of India’s first online rummy portals, A23 offers players the opportunity to play rummy online games for free.  A23 offers several variants of the game such as 13 card rummy and rummy 500. To help new players and beginners learn how to play rummy, A23 has several videos on tips & tricks as well as rummy rules. Players can play and practice rummy to brush up their skills. 

The responsive gaming platform of A23 is not only multi-screen but also compatible with different devices. A23 has an interactive user interface and a secure platform for safe transactions to provide exceptional user experience. A23 also offers features such as self exclusion and limit setting to ensure responsible gaming habits. Self exclusion allows players to take time off from the platform; limit setting allows users to set a limit on monthly time and budget while playing rummy online. Other features offered by A23 to improve user experience include private tables, turbo tables, Sit&Go games and last but not the least, loyalty programs.

A23 offers amazing promotional offers and rewards for players using the platform to play rummy online. A23 aims to offer online rummy players in India a hassle-free and seamless gaming experience from the comfort of their homes. 

Enhance the Ways to Play Online Rummy and Win Real Cash At A23 Rummy
Enhance the Ways to Play Online Rummy and Win Real Cash At A23 Rummy

From playing 13 card rummy with friends and family at gatherings to playing real cash rummy online, Indian rummy has come a long way. Although the traditional way of playing rummy in person is still thoroughly enjoyed by rummy enthusiasts, the need to social distance due to the pandemic has facilitated the transition to playing rummy online. In addition to the ability of players to play rummy to win cash, players have the convenience of playing this beloved card game with anyone from anywhere and at any time. 

When players play rummy to win cash, there is a lot at stake. So here are a few things to keep in mind which enhance the ways to play rummy online and win real cash:

  • Responsible Gaming

The most important priority before starting your rummy journey is understanding the importance of responsible gaming. A few aspects of responsible gaming and thus the mark of a good player are following basic rules such as playing rummy only if you are 18 years or older, choosing a legal and government-recognised website or application to play rummy and last but not the least, staying away from any malpractices or illegal activities.

  • Master the Basics

Rummy isn’t a game of luck. There’s a method to its madness. So in order to play well and win big, it’s important to understand the game and learn its fundamentals. As a beginner, it is a good idea to first master the basic plays and rules of the game by playing practice games. Once you are confident in your ability to play the game, only then participate in real cash rummy games.

  • Skills and Strategies 

Rummy is a game of skill. In order to win a game, you should have a solid strategy and the skills to adapt to any challenges that could arise in a game. You need to make smart and quick decisions while playing rummy online.

  • Don’t be a Sore Loser

At the end of the day, online or offline, rummy is a game. So there will be a winner and a loser. Hence, it is likely that you will lose one time or another. In case of a loss, it’s important to maintain your sportsmanship and demeanour. Don’t lose confidence if you lose a game and don’t get overconfident either if you win a game. Learn from the mistakes you made and work hard to improve your skills.

  • Know When to Stop

While playing a game of rummy, you only have your cards to go by. Since you do not know what cards your opponents hold, it’s wise to know when to fold. There is no point in carrying forward a game if you do not see any scope of winning with your cards. It’s better to stop while you’re ahead than losing more money.

  • Watch and Learn

When you’re playing for money, you have a lot at stake. So to ensure that you win, you not only need to master your skills but also study your opponents. Notice how your opponents play, observe if they have a tell or a pattern. Do your homework to understand how other players approach the game. Watching videos of games online can help you pick up some important tips and tricks. 

Finally, to really enjoy your experience of playing real cash rummy, choose a website that is safe and secure. Platforms like A23 aim to provide a better gaming experience to online rummy players in India. From several variants of the game to different tournaments and contests, A23 has something for everyone. To help new players and beginners learn how to play rummy, A23 has several videos on tips & tricks to play rummy and win cash.

A23 has an interactive user interface, a secure platform for safe transactions and offers an exceptional user experience through personalized gaming options such as private tables, sit n go and turbo tables. To ensure responsible gaming habits, A23 also offers features such as self exclusion and limit setting. With A23, players can enjoy a hassle-free and seamless experience of playing rummy online.

Evolution of Online Rummy
Evolution of Online Rummy

Rummy is an ancient card game that continues to be popular even today. However, the origin of Rummy is still a matter of debate to this day. Some people believe Rummy has its origins in the USA, while others believe it originated in China. The Rummy played in India has slightly different rules, and is called Indian Rummy.

The Original Rummy Game is generally played with two decks of cards consisting of two jokers. The players get 13 cards for themselves and two piles of cards to pick and discard cards. One of the piles is a closed deck, and the other one is an open deck. The cards from the closed deck are not visible, whereas the discarded cards by all the players make up the open deck, which are visible. To win the game, players have to line up the set of all the right cards in sequence.

In the Indian Rummy variant, a person makes a set of 13 cards and distributes them to all players. Hence, the name is 13 card Rummy. Initially, all players get 13 cards. Each player has to draw or discard cards accordingly. The game finishes when a player completes the set of 13 cards, to meet the rules of the game.

The transformation from Offline to Online Rummy:

The transformation of offline Rummy into online Rummy was not as easy as one would imagine. Online Rummy had its fair share of struggles. However, the journey of Rummy has been remarkable.

The First Online Rummy Game:

To mark the precise date of the first online Rummy game would be pretty tricky. However, in the early 2000s, online Rummy became popular across the globe. In addition, after achieving such popularity, several Indian players came together and started to develop their own platform for Indian Rummy players.

Online Rummy Today:

Online Rummy has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years. The development of technology in India has created awareness of online Rummy games amongst offline Rummy players. With the game’s popularity taking such a huge leap, hundreds and thousands of players moved to online Rummy. Moreover, the game has evolved in such a way that players can play their favorite game whenever they want. Players can play with anyone across the globe, known or unknown, without any complications.

Rummy is rapidly evolving in the digital space. The game is developing due to the increasing scope of the Gaming industry. Here, players can play rummy online using their mobile phones with ease. Moreover, the development of technology has made playing Rummy online so much easier and accessible that players can play it from anywhere, irrespective of their age group. Download and Install A23 Rummy Android or iOS App on your Mobile, Start Playing Rummy Cash Games and Win Big. A23 Rummy Brings you Diwali Rummy Carnival with Rs.10 Crores Prizes from 5th October to 15th November 2021. Join the A23 Rummy Tournament and be the winner.

Landscape of online rummy
Landscape of online rummy

Online Rummy has emerged to be one of the most popular games in India. As per the 2016 FICCI KPMG annual report, India’s gaming industry was valued at INR 26.5 billion rupees. It almost doubled to INR 50.7 billion in 2020. It is estimated that approximately 40% of this revenue is contributed by users who Play Rummy Online. 

Earlier, to play rummy, one needed to find a group of people with similar interests and use a physical copy of rummy cards while choosing a specific location to play. But now, due to an increase in online activities, as well as a raging pandemic, one can play online rummy from the comfort of their home using the internet. Due to the lack of logistical complexities, they can play free rummy at the time of their convenience while maintaining their anonymity. But how did rummy card games become so popular in India? Let us take a closer look at the astonishing growth of 13 cards rummy a.k.a. the Indian rummy game.

Introduction & Growth of Rummy in India

India has had a long history with board games and is credited with the invention of games such as snakes & ladders and chess. However, card games were introduced in our country in the 16th Century. They were first introduced in the court of the Mughals. The game was played with an extraordinary set of cards, which were crafted from ivory or tortoise shells and decorated with precious gems. These cards were created by local artisans.

The rummy cards made of palm leaves and wood came into circulation much later. Thus, the card game finally reached the common people. Over time, this tradition was passed on from one generation to the other. A celebration or festival event is now incomplete without a game of rummy. Owing to India’s great population, the game of rummy has now become the third most popular game in the world.

The Astonishing Growth of Online Rummy:

As per ‘The Online Rummy Federation’ (TORF) and NASSCOM, in 2021, up to 8% of all games developed in India are made for users to play online rummy. 95% of these games are mobile-based, so that players can play rummy online after a one-touch login to their accounts on their handsets. Contrary to popular belief, nearly half (43%) of the overall gaming audience in India comprises women, which goes against the assumption that only men play it. Additionally, the online rummy game market is expected to touch 1.4 billion dollars by 2024, thanks to increasing smartphone usage in rural areas of India. 

As per official data from Tracxn, a financial firm, $131.1 million was invested in India’s online gaming sector in 2020, which is also the highest in the last six years. It is expected that the number of online gamers in India will increase to 368 million by 2022. Considering that a sizable number of players are investing their time & money in online rummy, the game is expected to witness a steady growth in the coming years.

Why A23?

A23 is the most well-known platform for playing rummy online, and as of 2021, it has over 22 million players. It offers Indian Rummy, which is the most popular form of rummy in the subcontinent. Additionally, A23 offer points, deals as well as syndicate rummy, which are other popular types. It offers a bonus while joining to give new players a jump start. Moreover, A23 Rummy has a special section called ‘Tourneys,’ where players can compete under special formats which contain different scoring methods to make the game more interesting. The rummy game like A23 is certainly challenging, but thoroughly fun. Those who are interested can take a look at A23 Rummy Games and Download Rummy App.

A Brief History of A23 Rummy - India's Best Online Rummy Platform
A Brief History of A23 Rummy - India's Best Online Rummy Platform

A description of how the game began in India’s online sector and what makes it so popular

Ace2Three, which was recently renamed A23, is India’s first online rummy portal. The company is owned & operated by Head Digital Works Private Limited. HDW is India’s premier online gaming company that develops skill-based gaming applications for playing online games such as rummy card games. They were launched in 2006 and are one of the most profitable startups in India. Soon after, they founded Ace2Three, which introduced online rummy in the Indian skill-based gaming industry. 

Contrary to popular belief, a rummy game is based on skill instead of dice-based games such as ludo and other board games based on luck. It is also legal to play rummy to earn money in India. 

Ace2Three was launched to much fanfare. Over time, they managed to attract numerous players to play rummy online via word of mouth and social media marketing. Players also receive incentives in the form of bonuses to play online rummy. Today, they have a user base of 22 million and have broken multiple records in usage over the years. 

But what makes their platform so popular?

Card games have always captured the fascination of many, with one of those being the Indian rummy game, which we’ll describe shortly. Today, with round-the-clock online rummy games, A23 bestows players with a world packed with immense fun & entertainment to enjoy the game of rummy. 

What sets A23 apart is their ability to provide a seamless gaming experience to users playing both paid and free rummy games. Their platform is incredibly secure, with fast gameplay and safe transactions available to all users. 

A23 also offers a form of traditional Indian rummy, also known as 13 cards rummy. This is by far one of the most played games on this portal. The 13 card rummy or sequence is played between 2 and 6 players. It can be considered as a cross between Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy. It is played with 13 cards, with at least two decks that include jokers. You can find a detailed description of the rules here

Additionally, A23 offers players the option to play online rummy in a variety of formats. There are up to 5 daily and 8 special formats in the ‘Tourneys section.’ This gives players the option of playing rummy using different scoring methods – from Stake & Pool Tourney formats to daily, weekly and hourly matches. 

Last but not least – A23 is one of India’s rare online gaming portals to have a ‘responsible gaming test.’ The test is in place to ensure that players are playing within their means and check if they have symptoms that correlate with gambling disorders. If that is the case, then players can enable self-exclusion. Additionally, there are player protection options that are generally not found on any fantasy or gaming platform. Alerts are provided to players in case irresponsible gaming patterns are identified. Cash limits can also be enabled. This ensures that players do not spend over their limit and save their money for future plays.

A23 is an excellent app, and we can’t wait for you to try it out. You can download rummy app on A23.