9 Proven Tactics to Play Rummy Online - A23
9 Proven Tactics to Play Rummy Online - A23

Rummy is a skill-based game, therefore you’ll need to acquire a variety of methods to win games when Play Rummy Online. It’s a fun way to spend some time honing your talents.

If you’re a beginner or have been playing Online Rummy for a while, you’ll need to keep learning in order to improve your game. Rummy techniques will also assist you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses, which will enable you to compete in tournaments against professionals.

Hence, we’ve put together some incredible strategies and tactics to help you get the confidence to play against a pro.

Choose Your Game Wisely

There are various versions of the game available when you Download Rummy App, and hence choosing the right game is essential for better learning. If you just joined Online Rummy a few weeks back and played a tournament, then there is no benefit to that. The expert players will easily defeat you and you would have nothing to learn.

Rather, first, understand How to Play Rummy, and explore various variants of it gradually. It is recommended to first try out the free versions and then Play Rummy online for cash.

Learn Time Management 

If you won’t manage your time wisely, then chances are you won’t be able to pick or discard the right cards properly. Each player gets limited time to pick or discard the right card to win the match. So, while playing Online Rummy, you must make a rapid judgment to stay one step ahead of your opponent.

Practice is the Key 

Practice makes a man perfect, the same applies to Rummy. Give some time off each day to the game, and practice regularly. There are unlimited games available in the A23 Download Rummy App, play, and learn from them. It helps in analytical thinking, improves your skills, and enhances decision-making quality.

Properly Arrange Your Cards

Offline or Online Rummy, is a card sorting game, and hence it is important to sort your cards properly so that you can pull out the right card when required. Sometimes, when you don’t segregate cards properly, you often pull out the wrong card, which might mess up your whole game.

Pay Attention to Your Opponents

Sometimes, knowing all the tactics and tricks is not enough, you need to be aware and learn from each and every movement of the opponents to prepare a better winning strategy. Hence, while playing Online Rummy, it is important to pay keen attention to your opponent, and notice which cards they are discarding and which cards they are picking, it will help to understand their game and eventually improve your game.

Discard the Cards with Higher value

If you have high-value cards like Jack, Queen, or King, then it is best to discard the card first. This ensures that when the opponent declares you won’t have the highest value card with you.

Wisely Use Joker Card

In online Rummy, the joker card is quite essential. It aids in the completion of the set or run. If you have a joker, it’s best to use it strategically in order to establish a pure sequence of higher-value cards.

Watch and Learn from Other Players

If you are an aspiring player and want to learn How to Play Rummy, then it is best to watch other players playing and learn from their moves. There are various tutorials of players playing online Rummy or observing opponents while playing a match.

Know When to Exit

When you Play Rummy Online Cash Games and your money is involved in the game, it is best to know when you should drop the game. For example, if you realize that you do not have good cards, exit from the game at the very beginning, it will save you some points.

The above are some effective tactics that you can use while playing Rummy. Download the A23 Rummy app, explore the finest card games online and win cash prizes. 

Responsibility towards Rummy Game
Responsibility towards Rummy Game

Responsibility isn’t exactly the first word that comes to mind when you think of gaming online. In fact words like fun, entertainment and enjoyment pop up when you talk about online gaming. Well, like everything else in the world, online gaming too has its pros and cons. Now in order to avoid the cons, it’s important to ensure responsible gaming habits. 

Online Rummy apps have gained quite the momentum in recent years. Rummy has been a household favourite in India for generations. However, after Covid and the subsequent lockdown, players couldn’t enjoy playing rummy in person. It is then that playing rummy online became popular on online rummy platforms. Online rummy is legal in India and is backed by the Online Rummy Federation (TORF) and comes with a set of responsible gaming guidelines.

To give you a gist of what your responsibilities are towards playing rummy online for real cash, we have compiled a list below: 

  • It requires skills to win rummy! As a beginner, you should always play free practice games before levelling up and playing rummy for real cash.
  • As a beginner, you are bound to lose a few games. It is important to remember that winning and losing is a part of the game. So, regardless of whether you’re on a winning or losing streak, know when to take a beat and stop playing.
  • Playing rummy for real cash can easily get out of hand. So it is important to maintain a budget and keep a regular check on your spending’s.
  • While playing online, you get the opportunity to interact with other players. So while playing rummy is a great way to socialize, it is important to set some boundaries for social networking. Ensure proper and respectful behaviour on chats and social media.
  • Last but not the least, while online rummy apps take appropriate safety measures, you too should ensure that you do not share any sensitive data on social media and don’t leak any confidential data. 

Leading online rummy platforms in India such as A23 are actively trying to encourage responsible online gaming habits. In its latest responsible gaming initiative, A23 has partnered with Shah Rukh Khan to promote the importance of maintaining responsibility and ownership while playing together online. A23 is one of India’s finest rummy gaming platforms that strongly advocates responsible gaming.

It is thought that because Indian Rummy is a brain and skill game, it aids in the development of the players’ cognitive abilities. It’s an excellent stress reliever and mind-calming hobby. It’s a fantastic game to play while relaxing. Playing rummy is now as easy as downloading the A23 app onto your smartphone or tablet!

Learn how rummy points are calculated
Learn how rummy points are calculated

Rummy is one of the popular online playing games in India. Playing rummy involves a lot of strategy building and calculating different permutations and combinations. Rummy is equal parts mental stimulation and equal parts entertaining. Whether you play on a private table or with a group of strangers, playing a game of 13 Card Rummy is great fun. However, the real fun of playing a game of rummy is when you win. In order for you to win, you must earn the highest score. Now the big question is how do you calculate your score while playing rummy. 

Rummy is a game that even a novice can readily comprehend. A23 is India’s most popular online rummy site, with a number of blogs and FAQs on rummy tips, strategies, and rules to help newbies get started. A23 game’s various rummy variants provide 100 percent safe and secure online cash transactions, delivering a sense of comfort and immense pleasure. A23 also assists you in calculating the points you gain when participating in various rummy activities.

Here are some rules of rummy to keep in mind while calculating points in a game of 13 card rummy:

Card Points

So in order to calculate your score while playing rummy, you should know the value of the cards. In other words, every card is given a certain value which is taken into consideration while calculating a player’s points. From cards of rank 2 to 10, the points correspond to the rank of the card. For example, 5 of spades will hold 5 points. Face cards i.e.e A, k Q and J hold 10 points each. The joker card is worth 0 points.

Dropper’s Points

While playing rummy, if the player decides to drop out of the game before playing their first hand or before their turn, they receive 20 points. If a player decides to drop in the middle of a game, they receive 40 points.

Winner’s Point

When a player wins a game, i.e. they are first to meld the cards in hand into sets and sequences, they receive 0 points for the game.

Wrong Declarer’s Point

In order to win a game of rummy, a player needs to declare “rummy” when they complete the required combination of sets and sequences. Now if a player makes a wrong or invalid declaration during a game, they get a penalty which is equal to the total of the cards in their hand.

Rummy game is recognized as a business activity by court judgements and delivers an outstanding gaming experience. It is protected under the Indian Constitution under Article 19[1](g) for being a game of skill. The best aspect about playing Indian online rummy is that the game can be played with people of all ages, from the elderly to the young. The rules of Indian rummy are easier to learn than the rules of any other card game. Because people of various ages and genders participate and enjoy the game, it can be a terrific method to break down social barriers.

Playing rummy online provides a feeling of pure delight, fun, and financial security at the same time. Now is the time to download and spread joy.

Rummy Player Achievements Reward the Triumph of Skills
Rummy Player Achievements Reward the Triumph of Skills

Analyzing your opponent’s moves, calculating the permutations and combinations of sets or sequences you can form with the cards in your hands and strategizing your next move; playing rummy gives you a complete mental stimulation. Contrary to popular belief, rummy is not a game of luck. In fact, playing rummy requires some important skills. Like any other skill based activity, one must practice to improve their skills. 

A23 is a gamer-first platform and offers an interactive and easy gaming experience for playing rummy online in India from the comfort of their homes. In order to attain its goal of promoting Rummy as a professional game, A23 established a custom built software. One of A23’s objective is to offer exceptional user experience, and thus A23 has established an interactive user interface as well as a secure platform for safe transactions. In order to promote responsible gaming habits, A23 have introduced features such as self exclusion and limit setting. For new players, understanding the rules of a rummy card game can be overwhelming. But fret not because to help beginners learn the rummy rules, A23 also has a range of blogs and FAQs section on tips, tricks and rules of rummy. 

To help players evaluate and enhance their skills, A23 has introduced a new feature called Achievements. With this new feature, players can not only play more interesting and challenging rummy games, but also have a chance to win a bonus surprise when they complete an achievement in an online rummy game. 

Some of the Achievements introduced are: 

  • Fantastic Five – When a player wins 5 consecutive games of any rummy variant
  • Super Seven – When a player wins 7 consecutive games of any rummy variant
  • Golden Nine – When a player wins 9 consecutive games of any rummy variant
  • Heaven Eleven – When a player wins 11 consecutive games of any rummy variant
  • Lucky Thirteen – When a player wins 13 consecutive games of any rummy variant
  • Stakes Master – When a player wins a rummy game by scoring more than 175 points
  • Stakes Expert – When a player wins a rummy game by scoring more than 200 points
  • Stakes Champion – When a player wins a rummy game by scoring more than 225 points
  • Stakes King – When a player wins a rummy game by scoring more than 250 points
  • 101 Master – When a player wins a 101 pool game and azores less than 51 points
  • 101 Expert – When a player wins a 101 pool game and azores less than 41 points
  • 101 Champion – When a player wins a 101 pool game and azores less than 31 points
  • 101 King – When a player wins a 101 pool game and azores less than 21 points
  • Pool King – In a 6 player table pool game, when a player wins with less than 71 points
  • Tricky Three – When a player wins 3 consecutive games within 30 days of first cash addition
  • Pool Master – In a 6 player table pool game, when a player wins with less than 101 points
  • Pool Expert – In a 6 player table pool game, when a player wins with less than 91 points
  • Pool Champion – In a 6 player table pool game, when a player wins with less than 81 points
  • Rummy Pro – When a player winds at least one game of each variant on A23 i.e. A game of 101 pool, 201 pool, points rummy, Bo2 and Bo3 just within 20 days of their first cash addition

Premium players who have signed up before 12th Dec 2016 are eligible for this feature. In case of Rummy Pro and Tricky Three, the challenge needs to be completed within 30 days of first cash addition. Additionally, all achievement challenges except Rummy Pro are only valid on 6 player tables. 

This steady platform for players throughout the country offers an amazing gaming experience because of features like multiplayer tables option for online tournaments. A23 also ensures high standards of safety and security to prevent frauds. A23’s software is made compatible with a variety of devices and has a responsive gaming platform which helps support features like multi-screen display. 

A23 not only launched classical Indian rummy but also hosts several variants of the game such as 13 Card Rummy, Points rummy and Deals rummy and several multi-table tournaments. Players on A23 can become a part of the reward program wherein each player has the opportunity to win Acepoints every time they play cash games or premium entry tournaments. A23 regularly comes up with amazing promotional offers and rewards for players using the platform to play cash and free rummy online. 

How Online Gaming is Changing in 2022
How Online Gaming is Changing in 2022

Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular. From special effects to training simulators, the online gaming industry has witnessed significant evolution. In fact, the industry witnessed exponential growth in the last decade. The pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns gave people across the world the gift of time. With more than ample time on their hands, more and more people spent time playing online games to entertain themselves. This growth of increased participation and growing interest among players is a result of several factors such as technological advancements, more options in the types of games available, how and where they can be played and purchased etc. 

Observing the changes undergone in the last couple of years, here are a few ways online gaming will be changing in 2022:

  • Increased Safety and Security

The online gaming industry has seen a huge surge in the number of people participating in online gaming. One of the factors for this growth is the increased security and safety in playing online. The online gaming platforms ensure all safety measures are in place to protect the privacy and assets of gamers which is resulting in increased trust amongst gamers in the online gaming industry. 

  • Technological Developments 

Gone are the days of logging into the desktop to play an online game. With mobile versions and applications available at the tip of a finger, the accessibility of online gaming is attracting even more players and gamers. The advancements in technology is enabling game developers to offer features that not only keep the existing gamers hooked to online gaming but also attracts new players. 

  • Wide Variety of Options

There is a wide variety of options in terms of online games. From free games to tournaments involving cash prizes, from calming puzzles to action packed VR games and from playing with strangers across the world to playing a game with your close family and friends; the options available to gamers today are endless. Game developers are coming up with new and innovative features everyday. If as a gamer, you’ve thought of a feature you’d like to play with, there’s a developer out there who has already created the said feature.

  • Awards and Rewards

Online gaming is no longer just for entertainment. There is much more at stake here. From winning a place at the top of leaderboards to earning cash prizes; online gaming has become much more competitive. Gamers are quite serious about their performance and spend hours improving their skills. Online gaming platforms host international tournaments where winners not only earn name and fame amongst fellow gamers but also win cash rewards. 

There are several online gaming platforms today. One of the most known and also India’s first online rummy gaming portal is A23. It allows its players to play online rummy games for free. A23 offers different variants of the game and all of which are equally fun and challenging such as  13 card rummy and rummy 500. To help new players and beginners learn how to play Indian rummy online, A23 has several videos on tips & tricks as well as rummy rules.  Players, through this online portal can play and brush up their gaming skills by practicing rummy online. 

A23 offers a responsive gaming platform which is not only multi-screen but also compatible with different devices. From an interactive user interface to a secure platform for safe transactions, A23 aims to offer an exceptional user experience for an online rummy game. A23 further offers features like limit setting and self exclusion to help in ensuring responsible gaming habits. A23 offers a personalized gaming experience through features such as private tables, turbo tables, sit n go games and last but not the least, loyalty programs. A23 also hosts leaderboard tournaments such as the Skill Points Leaderboard. A23 offers amazing promotional offers and rewards to enhance the users’ experience of playing rummy online.

5 Most Common Myths About Rummy
5 Most Common Myths About Rummy

Rummy, commonly known as the 13 card rummy has always been a popular and beloved social card game in India. And today, playing online rummy is becoming increasingly popular amongst gamers and card game enthusiasts around the world. However, like everything else, there are certain apprehensions and scepticism around playing rummy online for real cash. If you too have certain inhibitions about playing rummy online, then you have come to the right place. Continue reading below for myth busters that will help clear away all your doubts about cash and free rummy online.

Here is a list of the five most common myths about rummy:

  • Rummy is a Game of Luck

One of the most popular myths out there is that rummy is a game of luck. However, rummy is in fact a skill based game. In order to win a game of rummy, a player must approach every move with a strategy. Learning the basic fundamentals of rummy is extremely important. It is through practice and experience that players develop the essential skills and learn various strategies that can help them win a game. 

  • Playing Rummy Online is Illegal 

There has always been a huge disparity about the legality of playing rummy online for real money. Even today, the popular notion is that playing online rummy is illegal. However, this misconception is actually the complete opposite of the truth. The Supreme Court of India gave a verdict stating that online rummy is in fact legal because it is a skill based game. It is also clearly stated in the verdict that playing online rummy for real money is legal in India and is not considered as gambling.

  • Players Always Lose Money in Online Rummy

Playing rummy online for real money is often associated with losing money. The lack of knowledge about the working of online rummy platforms breeds such myths. Certified online rummy portals even give new rummy players the option to play practice games to develop their skills as well as play against other amateur players like themselves. Since there are several cash tournaments, these are bound to be some winners and some losers. A player’s victory or loss is completely dependent on their skills of playing the game.

  • Online Rummy Platforms are a Hoax

One of the common misconceptions about playing rummy online is that you play with robots and lose money. However, this isn’t likely true. While participating in tournaments, players often play against players of similar ranking. Online rummy platforms also offer the option of playing rummy online in private tables. 

  • Only Free Rummy Online Games are Safe

Perhaps one of the biggest myths about playing rummy online is that the online rummy portals are not safe. However, online portals like A23 offer secure payment options with encrypted transactions and secure payment gateways. Platforms like A23 are certified and verified and ensure that the player’s personal information remains confidential.

A23 is India’s premiere online rummy portal offering amazing online gaming experience to almost 2 crore players in rummy card games. A23 hosts several variants of the game such as 13 card rummy. A23 also offers players the option to play and practice rummy to brush up their skills. Its range of video tutorials on tips, tricks and rules of rummy is a great resource for beginners to learn how to play rummy online. 

A23 has a responsive gaming platform which is compatible with a variety of devices and supports features like multi-screen display. From an interactive user interface to a secure platform for safe transactions, A23 aims to offer an exceptional user experience.  To ensure responsible gaming habits, A23 also offers features such as self exclusion and limit setting. A23 offers a personalised gaming experience through features such as private tables, sit n go and turbo tables. 

A23 further offers amazing rewards and promotional offers for its players using the online platform to play rummy. A23 also offers different leaderboard contests as a part of their cash incentives program. A23 makes playing rummy online just a click away and aims to offer online rummy players in India a hassle-free and seamless gaming experience from the comfort of their homes. 

Leaderboards to Scintillate on A23 Online Rummy Table
Leaderboards to Scintillate on A23 Online Rummy Table

A leaderboard is one of the most beloved challenges for a rummy player. This is because not only do they offer a thrill of winning money which is exhilarating but also drive an innate sense of competition. Leaderboards break the monotony of a regular game and allow players to escape their routine. By challenging rummy players to take their game to the next level, leaderboards help players to improve their skills. 

Playing rummy in a leaderboard contest is different than playing rummy online in three key aspects –

  1. Scope for Improvement 

Since leaderboard tournaments are played in a limited time frame, you get the opportunity to constantly compete and improve your performance as well as ranking.

  1. Track Progress

When you win a game in a leaderboard contest, you move a rank higher on the leaderboard. As your rank on the leaderboard fluctuates, you get the opportunity to evaluate your performance, envisage your skill progression and improve your game.

  1. Sense of Achievement 

When you win games in a leaderboard contest and gain a higher rank on the leaderboard, you feel a sense of achievement. It is this sense of accomplishment that motivates you to perform even better.

Here is a list of tips and tricks to ensure that you rank high on the leaderboard contests on online rummy sites: 

  • Evaluate the Right Table for You

Leaderboards run for a specific time. They are conducted on real cash games. There are a variety of options for such tables. So find a table that fits your requirements such as free or paid entry and the time period of the leaderboard. Evaluating the right table for you is a simple task but an important one.

  • Track the Leaderboard Time Frame

Time is a key element of any leaderboard contest. Every leaderboard runs for a specific period of time. So you have a limited window of time to grab your wins by constantly competing. The best part about a leaderboard contest is that you always have the opportunity to improve your rank until the leaderboard contest runs.

  • Maintain your Rank

When it comes to leaderboard contests, simply playing and winning a rummy real cash game isn’t enough. You need to constantly check your ranking on the leaderboard. When you keep a track of your ranking on the leaderboard in real-time, it not only gives you a sense of your performance but also motivates you to climb higher on the winner’s list.

  • Prioritize High Value Tables

A hack for ranking higher on the leaderboard is to play rummy on high value cash tables. The bigger the cash table, the higher will be your winnings. Leaderboards are like roller coasters – when you win, you win big and after the thrill of winning a game, you want to play another round. 

  • Leverage Best Strategies 

When you play rummy online in leaderboard contests, you play to win. And in order to win, you need to use your best skills and strategies. It’s important to acquaint yourself with the latest rummy strategies. You can do so by going through rummy tutorials and gaining experience through playing rummy online at low cash tables. 

  • Know When to Stop

Since leaderboard contests run for a limited period of time, players often get so invested in raising their rank, that they keep playing even if they’re losing in the hopes that the next game will turn their fate. It is at these moments that it’s important to take a break, reset and start chasing the points again later.

Online rummy sites such as A23 keep offering different leaderboard contests as a part of their cash incentives program. One of the most popular leaderboard programs that run on A23 is the ‘Skill Points Leaderboard.

Skill Points Leaderboard 

For players who have a limited budget but are looking for winning opportunities, the Skill Points Leaderboard is the tournament to look for. Players who play rummy online at A23 are eligible for the “Skill Points Leaderboard” and get a chance to win from a prize pool of Rs. 1,00,000. 

For rummy players to snatch a bigger share of the prize pool, A23 is coming up with another tournament called the VIP Leaderboard which is even more exclusive and exciting! 

Signs to drop your cards in Online Rummy Games - A23 Rummy
Signs to drop your cards in Online Rummy Games - A23 Rummy

Winning a game of rummy is all about having the right cards. Now you cannot possibly always be dealt a winning hand. So, you need to be strategic about your every move to ensure that you are able to at least save your stake if winning seems a long shot. One such strategic move in the rummy game is “Drop”. Although a drop is usually considered a penalty in the rummy game, if the game is not in your control, it’s better to drop the game and gain some harmless points rather than losing a huge stake. Note that in Indian rummy, the more points cards you hold, the higher are your chances at losing. Thus, in order to win, you must figure out a way to avoid unwanted point accumulation. 

As counterintuitive as it seems, losing a game can actually help you win or rank high on the leaderboard in the long run. Developing essential skills like knowing when to drop a game, not only would help improve your game but also raises the performance bar in an online rummy game

Here is a list of the top five signs that hint you to drop your cards as soon as possible:

  • No Pure Sequence

One of the requirements in a game of rummy is making a pure sequence. So every time you are dealt with a hand of cards, check if it is possible to make a pure sequence. If you are in a situation where a pure sequence is absolutely not possible, drop the game right in the beginning. Dropping a game in the absence of a pure sequence is recommended because it saves you from unnecessary penalty points.

  • No Joker Card

Players, especially beginners, often underestimate the value of a Joker card. The joker card has tremendous potential because it can help you complete a set or a sequence and help you win a game. The absence of a joker card reduces the possibility of melds and thus weakens your position in a game.

  • Big Hand

Big cards like the kings, queens and aces are not always the most desirable cards in a game of rummy. For instance, if at any point of time in a game, you have a joker card, a life card, high value cards and the chance of a couple drops, check your hand score. It’s more beneficial to let go of unwanted big cards instead of winning the last spot in a game. Even though it might cost you a few points, at least you do not lose the game completely. 

  • High Points

If you regularly play rummy, you must be aware of the point system. However, if you’re new to online rummy, you should know that all cards have a particular value. Every player is assigned points for the ungrouped cards in their hands. These points are multiplied into the currency value of points to determine the loss in a game. So, if in a game, you calculate a high score with the cards in your hand, it is a good idea to drop the game then.

  • Middle Drop

You need to be extremely alert while playing rummy for money. You should keep a tally of your score to avoid huge losses. If you notice that your total score tally is approximately 10 points higher than the middle drop score, you should take it as a cue to drop the game which will save you from gaining bulk points at the end of the game. Additionally, if your unmatched card value is more than the middle drop point, opt out of the game in the next round. 

In order to score higher on leaderboard contests, it is important to look out for these cues while playing rummy on online portals such as A23. 

A23- The ultimate Indian rummy online platform

India’s premiere online portal for playing rummy, A23 offers different leaderboard contests as a part of their cash incentives program. A23 also offers players the option to play and practice rummy to brush up their skills. Its range of video tutorials on tips, tricks and rules of rummy is a great resource for beginners to learn how to play rummy

A23 is compatible with a variety of devices and has a responsive gaming platform which supports features like multi-screen display. A23 has an interactive user interface and a secure platform for safe transactions to provide exceptional user experience. To ensure responsible gaming habits, A23 offers features such as self exclusion and limit setting. 

A23 has several gaming formats such as private tables, turbo tables, sit n go games to improve user experience. In addition to loyalty programs, A23 also offers amazing promotional offers and rewards for players using the platform to play rummy online. A23 aims to offer online rummy players in India a hassle-free and seamless gaming experience from the comfort of their homes.

How A23 Rummy Keeps the Users Engaged
How A23 Rummy Keeps the Users Engaged

Social card games have been a part of the Indian household. Either as a fun activity to pass time or a cherished game to bond with family and friends, card games are known to be engaging and enjoyed by players of all ages. The Indian Rummy, popularly known as the 13 card rummy has been one of the country’s favourites throughout generations. 

While the passion for the game has remain unchanged, the game itself has evolved. From shuffling the same old deck of cards at every family gathering to tapping and swiping the cards while playing a round of the rummy game with your friends despite being in different cities. Playing rummy online is becoming increasingly popular. Playing rummy online is becoming a sensation, especially with the explosion of online platforms and applications that make the experience seamless. With platforms such as A23, players can enjoy a world-class gaming experience from the comfort of their homes. 

A23 is one of India’s first online rummy portals. At A23, players can play free and cash rummy games with other players throughout the country. From 13 card rummy to rummy 500, A23 offers several variants of the game and all are equally fun and challenging. In addition to bringing card game lovers from different geographic locations to play under one common virtual gaming roof, A23 keeps its users engaged with its other features, such as – 

  • User Interface :

The premium appeal and the striking graphics of the platform not only keeps the players engaged but also increases the excitement of the players. The design of the platform plays a significant key role in exponentially improving the user experience and user interface. 

  • Turbo Tables:

Recently introduced on the platform, Turbo tables essentially enables players to enjoy a faster gameplay without the waiting time in between other players’ hands.

  • Sit n Go:

As the name suggests, this feature enables players to sit at a table, play their hand and move on to the next one. In other words, Sit n Go enables players to consecutively play on multiple tables. For instance, a player can block a seat on a table which won’t start until the table is full and at the same time play a game at another table.

  • Private Tables:

This one is pretty self explanatory. A private table allows players to play a private game with family and friends. Essentially only the players with the link or code to this variant of the game can participate in the game. Private tables are a great way to stay connected with your loved ones and spend quality time while playing a game of 13 cards rummy. 

  • Self exclusion:

Self exclusion is basically a security feature that players can enable to take some time off from the gaming platform to ensure a healthy gaming experience. When players experience problems arising due to their gaming patterns, they can take a temporary break from online rummy by using this feature.

  • Limit Setting:

At A23, players can play online rummy cash games and online rummy free games. The limit setting feature enables players to set a monthly budget and time limit to play rummy online. Since most of the players at A23 are casual rummy players who play the 13 card rummy for entertainment, stress busting and challenges; A23 offers this security feature to ensure responsible gaming. 

  • Loyalty Program:

A23 offers a reward program wherein each player can win acepoints every time they play cash games or premium entry tournaments. Players earn 1 Acepoint for every ₹100. With the increase in acepoints, players become members of different Ace Levels. Every ace level has its own set of benefits such as higher bonus amount while cash addition. The acepoints can also be redeemed for instant bonus or used for buy-ins at tournaments. 

A23 aims to provide a better gaming experience to online rummy players in India. From custom built software in order to enable multiplayer tables and online tournaments to ensuring highest standards of security preventing in-game frauds, A23 offers world class gaming experience. With A23, players can enjoy a hassle-free and seamless experience of playing rummy online. 

Latest Rummy Tournaments
Latest Rummy Tournaments

Experiment with your luck and acquired skills by playing an online rummy game tournament. Explore the latest rummy games and know more about rummy tournaments.

An online rummy game opens the doors for entertainment and earnings. The Indian rummy game 13 cards rummy is famously played at tournaments. These tournaments carry a big winning amount. So if you’re into any card game, take your chances to play rummy games for free or a tournament at Ace2Three and win real cash. 

To increase your chances of winning, explore the variants of rummy and receive unique tips to win big tournaments – read on. 

Types of Rummy Card Games:

Indian rummy, which turns your boring weekend into an exciting one, originated in the eighteenth century. The basic Indian rummy game can be divided into many variants depending on its origin in the world. You might have heard of Kalooki, Classic Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy, and Rummy 500 types. 

In many countries across the world, you can play rummy with no worry about getting caught. Some countries consider it to be a game of skill and not luck. India is one of them. Considering the mental prowess required for playing rummy, the Supreme Court declared online rummy legal in our country. 

Download the best free rummy app and start honing your skills with practice. As you get better in the rummy game, play big tournaments to earn money for your expertise. 

Indian Rummy Online Tournaments: 

India has the largest number of people who play online rummy around the world. Around 1 lakh players actively play this game online at a given time in the country. 13 cards rummy is one of the most played online rummy in the country in which they deal 13 cards with each player before beginning the game. 

When you play rummy online, it is important to understand the process clearly. On your turn, draw a card from the closed deck or the pile placed open on the table, and discard one to place in the open pile. Every card has individual points depending on its face value. Face cards, such as Jack, Queen, King, or Ace, carry 10 points each, whereas jokers don’t have any individual value. However, you can combine joker cards with other cards (while forming a sequence) to carry any value. 

By making correct sets and sequences, you can win the game easily. Rummy Tournaments are longer than a regular rummy game because instead of 2-6 players on a table, it is played between players across multiple tables. You must mandatorily register yourself for a rummy tournament. Unlike the regular rummy games that can be played all day, tournaments have a fixed commencement time. 

Following are the upcoming rummy tournaments on A23: 

  • Super Over Tournament – 11:55 pm IST every day 
  • Saturday Gala – Every Saturday at 10 pm IST
  • Ace Ride – Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri at 3 pm.
  • Knockout Tourney – 9 am – 11 pm Everyday
  • Weekly Prize Pool – 7:30 pm IST on weekdays and Saturday 7:30 pm IST
  • Daily Freeroll – 7 am to 11 pm every day 
  • Beginner Tourneys – 10:00 am, 2:00 pm, 4:30 pm and 09:00 pm.
  • Ace Level League – 22nd to 28th November 2021.

Play rummy to test your logical and analytical skills today. By participating in a big tournament, you can meet expert players and win bigger rewards than rummy cash games.

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