How Online Gaming is Changing in 2022
How Online Gaming is Changing in 2022

Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular. From special effects to training simulators, the online gaming industry has witnessed significant evolution. In fact, the industry witnessed exponential growth in the last decade. The pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns gave people across the world the gift of time. With more than ample time on their hands, more and more people spent time playing online games to entertain themselves. This growth of increased participation and growing interest among players is a result of several factors such as technological advancements, more options in the types of games available, how and where they can be played and purchased etc. 

Observing the changes undergone in the last couple of years, here are a few ways online gaming will be changing in 2022:

  • Increased Safety and Security

The online gaming industry has seen a huge surge in the number of people participating in online gaming. One of the factors for this growth is the increased security and safety in playing online. The online gaming platforms ensure all safety measures are in place to protect the privacy and assets of gamers which is resulting in increased trust amongst gamers in the online gaming industry. 

  • Technological Developments 

Gone are the days of logging into the desktop to play an online game. With mobile versions and applications available at the tip of a finger, the accessibility of online gaming is attracting even more players and gamers. The advancements in technology is enabling game developers to offer features that not only keep the existing gamers hooked to online gaming but also attracts new players. 

  • Wide Variety of Options

There is a wide variety of options in terms of online games. From free games to tournaments involving cash prizes, from calming puzzles to action packed VR games and from playing with strangers across the world to playing a game with your close family and friends; the options available to gamers today are endless. Game developers are coming up with new and innovative features everyday. If as a gamer, you’ve thought of a feature you’d like to play with, there’s a developer out there who has already created the said feature.

  • Awards and Rewards

Online gaming is no longer just for entertainment. There is much more at stake here. From winning a place at the top of leaderboards to earning cash prizes; online gaming has become much more competitive. Gamers are quite serious about their performance and spend hours improving their skills. Online gaming platforms host international tournaments where winners not only earn name and fame amongst fellow gamers but also win cash rewards. 

There are several online gaming platforms today. One of the most known and also India’s first online rummy gaming portal is A23. It allows its players to play online rummy games for free. A23 offers different variants of the game and all of which are equally fun and challenging such as  13 card rummy and rummy 500. To help new players and beginners learn how to play Indian rummy online, A23 has several videos on tips & tricks as well as rummy rules.  Players, through this online portal can play and brush up their gaming skills by practicing rummy online. 

A23 offers a responsive gaming platform which is not only multi-screen but also compatible with different devices. From an interactive user interface to a secure platform for safe transactions, A23 aims to offer an exceptional user experience for an online rummy game. A23 further offers features like limit setting and self exclusion to help in ensuring responsible gaming habits. A23 offers a personalized gaming experience through features such as private tables, turbo tables, sit n go games and last but not the least, loyalty programs. A23 also hosts leaderboard tournaments such as the Skill Points Leaderboard. A23 offers amazing promotional offers and rewards to enhance the users’ experience of playing rummy online.

Types of rummy games available
Types of rummy games available

Types of rummy card games have spawned around the world. Some notable variations are the Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Rummy, and 500 rummy.

Rummy is one of the most played card games in India and America. The reason for its massive rise in popularity is its easy-to-understand rules. The origins of the game can be traced back to the 19th century. It is only natural that over the years, the game spawned multiple variations. Here are some of the most common ways to play rummy. There are several different types of rummy played around the country. All of them are based on the same basic principles, albeit with minor variations.

What is Paplu?

Indian Rummy game or Paplu is one of the most famous card games in India. It is also widely played on online apps and websites. Paplu is a variation of the 13 cards rummy. The rules are the same, and total deals or points limit the rounds. 

What are some of the popular variants of the Indian rummy game?

In all the three variants of the Indian rummy game the player has to make at least one pure sequence to challenge for the win. However, the rules for winning the game are different

  • Points rummy:

Points rummy is the easiest version of the rummy games. The point rummy game is a variant of the 13 card games. In this game, each point carries a pre-decided rupee value. The player who wins the games gets zero points and gets the cash prize based on the valuation of opponents total points. 

  • Pool rummy:

In pool rummy, the player pays a fixed entry fee to enter the prize pool. Each table has a different score limit. While some have a pool of 101 points, other tables have 201 points. The winner of each round gets 0 points and opponents points are added to their pool. Players who reach the point limits first, lose the game. 

  • Deals rummy:

In the beginning of the game, the players are allotted chips for a specific number of deals. At the end of each deal, the winner takes all the chips on the table. After all the deals are finished, the player with the most chips is declared as the winner of the rummy game. 

Online Rummy Game on A23:

To play rummy, you only need one other player and a deck of cards to get started. In fact, today, you don’t even need a deck of cards as there are multiple online apps and mobile websites to play rummy for free! You can register yourself and start playing rummy card games. You can play rummy online either against the machine or with real people from around the globe. In the online version of the rummy game, you can select from any of the variations of the game mentioned above. 

Even though Head Digital Works creates various online interactive games, they are most famous for their online rummy games. The rummy game A23(ace2Three), raises the bar high. The platform offers an unparalleled user experience along with exciting new features. The game also offers multiple variations of rummy games from around the world. Some of the notable rummy variations available on this platform are points rummy (a variation of 500 rummy), deals rummy, and Gunshot rummy, which lasts only one round.