Turbo Tables

Turbo Tables   Updated: 8 Apr 2014

On popular demand, Ace2Three introduces the lightning-fast Turbo Tables for our skilled rummy players. If you are of the type who prefers fast paced action and no frill play, Turbo Tables are just for you.

Turbo Table

When playing at these tables you will have a maximum of 15 seconds to act before your turn ends, with no Time Bank available. These tables are prefixed with the lightning icon () to differentiate them from the regular tables on Lobby.

Turbo Tables are available for Points Rummy games where players relish faster gameplay. Use the "Turbo Table" filter in the Lobby to see the available Turbo Tables on Lobby, highlighted in red coloured font as shown below:

Turbo Table


  • All rules for Points Rummy apply
  • Player gets 15 seconds to act before his turn ends
  • First player gets 30 seconds to act
  • Players get 30 seconds to meld their cards on show
  • No time bank is available