13 Mistakes Every Beginner Should Avoid While Playing Online Rummy

13 Mistakes Every Beginner Should Avoid While Playing Online Rummy
13 Mistakes Every Beginner Should Avoid While Playing Online Rummy

13 card rummy Games are one of the simplest card games that can be learned in a short period of time. Being a beginner, Learning how to play rummy can be a lot of fun as long as you have your right strategy in place. This Learning process is exciting as you will come across different situations and experiences that will improve your rummy skills. Well, playing rummy is not rocket science. If you build a passion for the card game, it would relatively become easy to learn the game skill. However, you will have to avoid these 13 common mistakes that every rummy beginner will make while playing the 13 card rummy games.

Not Arranging the Cards: Most newbies fail to organize the cards as per the requirement. If you have trouble to get hold of the cards in the first move, this could put your game at stake. In such scenarios, you might discard a card in confusion which could have been your show card.

Beginning the Game: There are numerous methods to arrange the cards, likewise, there are different strategies to play the game safe. Decide which group of cards fit in sequence & sets respectively, and discard the cards accordingly.

Failing to Discard High-Value Cards: You should understand that holding high-value cards can cost you. If you try to play around high-value cards, you may end up with a heavy-handed score when an opponent declares before you.

Discarding the Wild Card: Most beginners fail to understand the importance of wild card (joker) in online rummy games, one should endeavor to get enough information about the rules before playing.

Making School Boy’s Error: First-time players find difficulty to plan & arrange 13 cards as per the requirement. If you fall under this category, try playing rummy online and get rid of the cards which don’t add value to your game. Else, this mistake will end your game without declaring a show.

Confusion between Sequence & Pure Sequence: Every rummy game has printed joker & a wild card joker which is randomly picked after card distribution. The sequence (3 or 4 cards) formed without using any joker card is the pure sequence whereas the sequence including wild card is just a sequence. It is mandatory to hold at least one pure sequence i.e., life in 13 card games.

Playing Rummy without Practice: Being a beginner, you should start playing free rummy games before giving a head start to the real cash rummy tables. At A23, you can play rummy for free and understand how the game is being played by different minds. You can then understand the twists & turns of the game “rummy”.

Lag in Decision Making: As a beginner, by taking part in practice tables, you can improve your speed and perfection of drawing and discarding cards. You can slowly improve your gaming skills by playing in practice tables.

Declaring Show without Verification: Declaring a wrong show in rummy is the most common mistake every beginner does. This will end your winning chances by adding 80 points to your score. So, keep re-arranging your cards and be careful while placing the show. Else you may lose the game with just one card placed wrong in the sequence/set, even if you are at the edge of game-winning.

Playing the Game Emotionally: Rummy is a pure skill game. Never ever try to rummy online with emotions rather play with your game intelligence. You need to approach it wisely so that you can have a rewarding experience. You need to keep track of the cash spent in rummy, and you need to set a limit for loss in cash rummy games. If you are on a losing spree, you need to stop playing for the day and don’t try to chase losses.

Not Keeping a Track on Opponents: Despite playing your own game, always observe what your opponents are playing. Keep an eye on their card picks & discards to estimate their card form.  You might find this difficult how to track their moves initially. Later you will become a pro in predicting their hand moves.

Discarding without Strategy: Most of the beginners don’t understand the game strategy and discard random cards which will not help them cut down the score. Instead, have a strategy to form sequence & set to have a winning impact on the overall game.

These are the thirteen common mistakes made by online rummy beginners. Hope you avoid these mistakes and play responsibly from the next time you land on A23 rummy.


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