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It's time to use your gaming skills to earn real cash. Download and play online cash games with ease on A23. The gaming platform has sixteen years of experience in offering players online cash games to earn real cash online. Play cash games with the easy interface and quick withdrawal methods.





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Rummy is a very popular game in India. Indian Rummy is a version of the traditional card game Rummy. It's typically played between 2 to 6 players using two decks of cards and two jokers. The goal is to form valid Rummy sets (cards of the same rank but different suits) and Rummy sequences (consecutive cards of the same suit). Players are dealt a fixed number of cards, often 10, and take turns drawing and discarding cards to create winning combinations. The game is skill-based, requiring strategy and card manipulation. A23 Rummy is the best place to play Indian Rummy online.

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A23 Games is India's Leading Online Gaming Portal completely owned and operated by Head Digital Works Private Limited. With a mission to promote online gaming in India, A23 Games is steadily providing a platform for a community of skilled gamers all over the country.

With 15+ years of pioneering experience in this space, we at A23 Games understand the needs of online gaming in India and strive to provide better and faster results as well as a significantly improved gameplay experience.

And with Responsible Gaming at the core of our ideologies, our objective as an industry veteran is to provide you a platform that is "purely a source of entertainment". We want to make sure players are here for the right reasons.

Our Team

At the heart of our operations is a team of remarkable individuals who help steady the ship in the right direction. Our team is a diverse mix of young entrepreneurs as well as an able and experienced team of industry stalwarts who are masters of their domains.

And with state-of-the-art software created on a custom-built architecture to be robust in operating Multi-Player Tables and Online Tournaments, we have a dream combo in place.

A well-oiled machine that has helped us embark on this journey and to consistently deliver at a very high level for the entirety of our tenure.

A23 Multi-gaming Platform Brings you the Best Games

What if you had the chance to have a lot of fun while earning real cash, too? Well, you can do that on A23, the ultimate gaming platform that lets you play multiple games and earn real cash. These games not only entertain but also help you improve your skills and win big. You can download and play Rummy games, Carrom games, Poker, Pool games, and so on with ease on A23.

Download and Play Online Cash Games with Ease on A23

With 17 years of expertise, A23 has been a reliable platform for players seeking to earn real cash through online gaming. Experience seamless gameplay on A23, where you can effortlessly play a variety of online cash games by downloading our app. Enjoy the convenience of an intuitive interface and swift withdrawal methods as you dive into the world of cash games.

Easy App Interface

The easy-to-play interface makes the gaming experience effortless. Download the A23 app, sign in with your credentials, and then add cash to start playing cash games online. With A23 being a top cash games app, you can rest assured about the safety and security of your games and transactions.

Features of our Gaming App

  • 100% Safe & Secure - A23 Rummy is completely reliable and assures safe and secure transactions across the board.
  • Instant Withdrawals - Experience the joys of receiving your winnings immediately for withdrawal.
  • Fair Gameplay - Our gameplay policies and rules ensure best practices in gaming through fair gameplay.
  • Responsible Playing Behaviour - A23 Rummy encourages players to play rummy for fun and within limits to ensure responsible gaming.
  • 17 years of legacy - Launched in 2006 as a website for online rummy, A23 Rummy is India's first-ever Rummy portal.
  • 6 CRORE+ Players - With over 6 crore players, A23 Rummy is one of the biggest and most trusted online gaming portals.
  • RNG Certification - has been certified by iTech Labs for fair gameplay (Random Number Generator), which is a global standard in gaming software reliability.
  • VIP club - VIP Club on A23 Rummy is an invitation-only club, where you qualify as a member based on merit which is calculated on your past Rummy activities. Get access to VIP-level tourneys, bespoke offers, and other benefits here.

Play Online Rummy Games and Win Real Cash Prizes on A23

Put your rummy skills to the test by joining the vibrant online rummy community at A23. Trusted by millions across India for the past 16 years, A23 has been a dedicated platform for rummy enthusiasts. A23 ensures a safe and secure gaming environment where you can withdraw your earnings effortlessly using a variety of secure payment gateways. Connect with numerous players, engage in competitive gameplay, and experience the thrill of daily updated tournaments with enticing cash prizes that exceed your expectations.

How to Get Started with Your Account

Activating your account on A23 Rummy is super easy. Here's how:

  • Download app - Head over to or app store (Google Play Store or Apple App Store) and download the app.
  • Register/sign up - Open the app and tap on “sign up”. Enter your contact information such as phone number and email address.
  • Verify your account - A one-time password (OTP) will be shared with you on your registered mobile number/email address. Enter the OTP to verify your account.
  • Add KYC details - For easy withdrawals and seamless cash gaming experience, complete your KYC verification.

Adding cash to your account is a breeze, and the bonus system on A23 adds an exciting dimension to your real cash gaming experience. With generous bonuses based on your chosen cash games, A23 provides substantial advantages, allowing you to multiply the funds in your wallet.

Rest assured, A23 Rummy prioritizes safety and security in your gaming journey. Leverage your skills to win big and keep playing to unlock special offers, exclusive deals, and lucrative bonuses.

How to Play Rummy Online?

When it comes to playing rummy online, A23 stands out as the best option for players who are seeking an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. With its user-friendly interface, extensive game variations, and commitment to fair play, A23 has established itself as a top choice among rummy enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the world of online rummy, A23 offers an exceptional platform to showcase your skills and compete with players from across the globe.

To begin playing rummy online first, familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. Rummy is a card game that requires players to form sets or sequences of cards. The objective is to arrange the cards in your hand into valid sets and sequences before your opponents do. The game typically uses a standard deck of 52 cards and is commonly known as Indian Rummy.

Each player is dealt a certain number of cards, and the remaining cards are placed face-down to form the draw pile. The top card from the draw pile is placed face-up, creating the discard pile. Players take turns either picking up a card from the draw pile or the top card from the discard pile. After picking up a card, players must discard one card from their hand to the discard pile. The game continues this way until a player melds their cards into sets and sequences.

Types of Indian Rummy on A23

Play rummy from all these game variants available on the app, as follows:

  • Points Rummy - Points Rummy is the quickest rummy variant, which brings together the thrill of speed and the skill required to play rummy. Each game lasts for a single deal. Players get to play more games in a shorter period, which require a higher level of skill and keep the players on the edge of their seats!
  • Pool Rummy - Players participating in Pool Rummy are required to pay an entry fee which goes towards the prize pool. Winning a deal earns you zero points and the accumulated points are added to their score. Once the score reaches the maximum limit (101/ 201 points), they are eliminated from the game.
  • Deals Rummy - Deals Rummy is played with chips where 2/3 deals or rounds are played between 2 players. Player with the has lesser count at the end is declared the winner. There is no option of drop or middle drop in this game.
  • Gun Shot - This game is played at the speed of a gunshot as it lasts only for one deal and there is no middle drop allowed. The winning amount is calculated as total number of players on the table who lost the game plus winner's entry amount after deduction site's commission.
  • Private Tables - Now you can gather all your friends and get your own private table of up top 6 players. Play together, win together only on A23 Rummy.
  • Sit&Go - The games start only when the table is full. The number of people required to start a Sit&Go game is 6. You get to play on a full table, which means more winnings, more excitement, and more fun.
  • Turbo Tables - Turbo mode are available for select game types. The first player gets 30 seconds & others get 15 seconds for their turn. All players get 30 seconds to meld their cards after show is placed.
  • Happy Hour - This feature allows players to enjoy superior discounts and offers for a limited period of time for select game types, and valid for 6 Player tables only. The cashback gets credited to player instantly after the Happy Hour Game Table ends. This cashback gets added to redeemable balance on gameplay.
  • Multi Table Tournaments - A format that invites large numbers of players to compete against each other. It's like a race, where all participating players start with an equal number of chips and play rummy for a certain amount of time. The player with the most chips at the end wins the tournament.

Play Online Carrom Games on A23

Carrom is a game that is very popular in the sub-continent. The game involves a wooden square board with four pockets, a striker, and 23 carrom men (9 black, 9 white, and 1 red queen). The game aims to pocket all the colored men of a kind (black or white) along with the queen to win against your opponent. Carrom online is a game of skill and focus that can be played between 2-4 players.

With the increasing popularity of carrom games, online carrom is the newest sensation where you can compete against players online and win big. Carrom on A23 is a game-changer, as it brings together simple game mechanics as well as a seamless gameplay experience for you. The game also comes with a tutorial that will take you through the different aspects of carrom, starting with striking, breaking, and finally finding the deadly precision and angle to pocket all the carrom men effortlessly.

Play Online Pool Games on A23

Pool is a specific type of cue sport that is played on a rectangular table with six pockets into which you are supposed to pocket all the balls using a cue stick. Even though various other forms of pool exist, the most common ones played all over the world are eight-ball, blackball, nine-ball, ten-ball, seven-ball, straight Pool, one-pocket, and bank Pool.

To win a game of 8-ball Pool, you have to pocket all your coloured balls (solids or stripes), depending on the first ball that is pocketed after the break shot. Once all your coloured balls are stolen, you need to pocket the eight balls before your opponent does to win. Due to the nature of the sport, pool is widely recognized as one of the most popular games ever.

Play Indian Poker Games Online for Free on A23

Poker is by far the most famous card game in the world. In terms of sheer number, it has more players than most popular global sports, such as tennis and golf. The reason for Online Poker's popularity is that it is a game of skill and has more to do with mathematics and odds than chance.

If we specifically talk about poker games online, one thing it has assured is a growing inclination towards trying the game online as it is more convenient for the user. And as per industry reports, the online poker industry is growing at a rate of 35-40% year over year. And the same can be said about Indian Poker.

Poker is a great game where the objective is to win the pot. This pot includes all the bets that the players have made in a single deal.

If you are new to poker, we suggest you try your hand by playing free online poker on A23. You can start by playing the poker game of Texas Hold'em, which is by far the most popular and widely played all over the world. And it is also one of the easiest games to learn.
Indian Poker, contrary to popular belief, is not in any way associated with India. Even though India has seen card games as part of our culture for hundreds of years, Indian Poker is an unusual, unconventional, and yet simpler version of traditional poker. Every player gets dealt a card facedown, which they have to turn upwards and hold or place on their forehead. This implies that every player would be able to see the card except the player holding it. Which makes it tricky but also a lot of fun!

Know about A23 Poker Game Variants

There are mainly two main game variants of poker as well as poker games online - Texas Hold'em (also called No Limit Texas Hold'em) and Pot Limit Omaha. Both of these game variants are available to play on A23 Poker. In both of these poker card games, there are multiple rounds of betting, called pre-flop, flop, turn, and river. A player can choose to take the following actions based on the strength of their in-hand cards, such as bet, raise, check, call, and fold.

Texas Hold'em Poker Online

In Texas Hold'em Poker online, each player at the table is dealt two hole cards, and there are five community cards in the middle (the flop, turn, and river). Every player can use their hole cards and community cards to make the best possible hand.

Pot Limit Omaha Poker

In Pot Limit Omaha, each player gets 4 hole cards instead of 2. And therefore, a player needs to use 2 out of the 4 hole cards dealt to them and 3 of the 5 community cards available to create the best hand consisting of 5 cards. A limit is placed on the maximum amount that can be raised in a player's turn. A player may raise any amount less than or equal to the pot value.

Play Online Call Break

In call break games, the cards of each suit rank from high to low A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. When you play call break, spades is the default trump suit: any card of the spade suit beats any card of any other suit.

Deal and play in Indian Call Break are counter-clockwise. A player must win the number of hands called, or more hands than the call. When you play call break online successfully, the number called is added to your cumulative score. If not, the difference between wins and calls is subtracted. The player with the highest points wins. One can enjoy a game of call break online on A23.

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