Rakeback FAQs

All capitalised terms that are not defined in this document have the same definitions as provided in the A23 Terms and Conditions or the Rakeback Program T&C.

A23 Poker Rewards is a rewards program where Users receive a percentage of the service charge incurred while playing poker Cash Games on the Platform. Rakeback levels, represented as tiers, determine the percentage of service charge a User gets back.

Users earn rakeback points by playing poker Cash Games on the Platform. The points range and corresponding rakeback percentage for each level are as follows:

LevelLevel NameRakeback points rangeRakeback Percentage
L1Newbie0 to 1005%
L2Apprentice100 to 150010%
L3Maverick1500 to 500012%
L4Prodigy5000 to 10000015%
L5High-roller100000 to 50000020%
L6Shark500000 and above30%

Users will be able to access his/her/their current level and other level based information like their rakeback percentage and eligible bets for winning rakeback in the rakeback page on the Platform.

Users advance to higher rakeback levels by earning more rakeback points on or before 00:00 hours every Monday. Criteria for each level can be found on the Platform and the A23 Poker website.

At 00:00 hours every Monday, User points are reset to zero. To retain the current level, Users must have at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the minimum required rakeback points for that level. Failure to do so results in demotion by one level.

Winnings are part of the unclaimed rakeback balance visible on the rakeback page. Users can claim accumulated winnings when the unclaimed amount exceeds a minimum specified balance ("Winnings"), which is visible on the rakeback page on the Platform.

No, there is no expiry date for unclaimed Winnings. Users can claim their Winnings at their convenience, provided the balance is above the minimum required amount.

The program encompasses all Poker cash tables, but eligibility for winning Rakeback on specific games or tables is determined by the User's level. As User progresses through levels, the User becomes eligible to accrue Winnings on an increasing variety of tables, allowing for a more expansive opportunity to earn rakeback. Details on excluded games and level-based eligibility are available on the Platform's Rakeback page.

The minimum required balance for claiming the Winnings is visible on the rakeback page on the Platform.

Yes, Users can view their rakeback history by checking the rakeback page on the Platform, where details about accumulated and claimed rakeback winnings are available.

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