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A23: Best Gaming Platform

Do you like playing online games? Do you want to take your online gaming to a new level? Then, A23 is the place for you. With over 18 years of experience, A23 has gained recognition for being the first platform to bring rummy to an online platform. We offer a variety of online games that remind us of days when we would gather along with our friends to play rummy and poker card games. Whether it's a long commute home or another way to entertain yourself, A23 is the perfect online platform for you. A23 believes in safe, fair and secure gameplay. We have measures in place to ensure that you will be able to hassle-free and securely. Our A23 Cares feature helps you keep a track of your time spent on the app as well as helps you plan breaks for better gameplay. Download the A23 app today, and let the games begin!



Rummy is a very popular game in India. Indian Rummy is a version of the traditional card game Rummy. It's typically played between 2 to 6 players using two decks of cards and two jokers. The goal is to form valid Rummy sets (cards of the same rank but different suits) and Rummy sequences (consecutive cards of the same suit). Players are dealt a fixed number of cards, often 10, and take turns drawing and discarding cards to create winning combinations. The game is skill-based, requiring strategy and card manipulation. A23 Rummy is the best place to play Indian Rummy online.

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Our Company

A23 is India's Leading Online Gaming Portal completely owned and operated by Head Digital Works Private Limited. With a mission to promote online gaming in India, A23 is steadily providing a platform for a community of skilled gamers all over the country.

With 15+ years of pioneering experience in this space, we at A23 understand the needs of online gaming in India and strive to provide better and faster results as well as a significantly improved gameplay experience.

And with Responsible Gaming at the core of our ideologies, our objective as an industry veteran is to provide you a platform that is "purely a source of entertainment". We want to make sure players are here for the right reasons.

Our Team

At the heart of our operations is a team of remarkable individuals who help steady the ship in the right direction. Our team is a diverse mix of young entrepreneurs as well as an able and experienced team of industry stalwarts who are masters of their domains.

And with state-of-the-art software created on a custom-built architecture to be robust in operating Multi-Player Tables and Online Tournaments, we have a dream combo in place.

A well-oiled machine that has helped us embark on this journey and to consistently deliver at a very high level for the entirety of our tenure.

Who we are

At A23, we are a leading destination for online gaming in India. We are exclusively managed and owned by Head Digital Works Private Limited. As part of its efforts to improve the online gaming scene in India, A23 has built a platform that will bring together a large community of skilled gamers from all over the country.

A23, an online gaming platform, has almost 20 years of experience, and our vision is to be the top platform for gamers. Our focus is to keep things fun and exciting, by constantly adding new features and games. But fun isn't the only thing we care about, we prioritise responsible gaming and create a safe environment for all players. We also have an age restriction in place, to ensure that all players are of legal age and capable of being responsible gamers.

Our team of experts use advanced technology to ensure smooth gameplay and lag-free experience. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the platform, our aim is to provide the best online gaming experience. Download the A23 app to know more about our games and gaming policies. We are sure you will find that will interest you.

Key features of online gaming tournaments on A23

  • Experience responsible gaming:

    Real cash games are fun, but only with responsible gaming. We guarantee a safe and fun gaming experience for all of our players. Like with every game, there can be potential risks to playing online cash games.

  • A23 Cares

    The A23 Cares feature is all about creating a balanced and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone. This feature helps you plan your gaming time and take breaks when required. By keeping healthy gaming habits, A23 Cares ensures that all the players focus on the excitement, making it fun for everyone.

  • Rummy School

    A23 Rummy School helps new users learn how to play the game and become better players. The rules are explained in a simple and clear manner so that players of all levels can understand the rules of the games and begin playing on the A23 app.

  • Trust

    Over the last 18 years, the A23 online platform has built trust amongst 7 Cr+ players. Through our fair play measures no bots can access the game, only genuine players can.

  • Freeroll Tournaments

    Our daily free tournaments give you a chance to win your share of a ₹45 lakhs pool. So, what are you waiting for? Download the A23 app and get playing.

  • VIP Hosts:

    You will be provided a dedicated VIP host, who will create personalised games only for you. Your invitation depends on the number of points/merits earned by playing various A23. Keep playing to become a VIP. Being a part of the VIP club, you will be offered benefits such as welcome bonuses, personalised offers, special occasion gifts, surprise bonus, priority service, and VIP-only tournaments.

  • Generous Welcome Bonus:

    We offer a generous welcome bonus to get you started and help you win your share of the prize pool.

  • Responsive customer support:

    Our responsive customer support service ensures assistance during games and autoplay to ensure you are not far from the table.

  • Set limits:

    Limit your time and money spent on our gaming app. A23's gaming control tools help you balance gaming with other life activities. You can control how you play the game; you can set deposit limits, track your gaming history, and even schedule breaks to ensure a balanced gaming experience.

  • Certifications:

    With multiple certifications and security measures in place, such as Digicert, iTech Labs certification, and an age limit, we control the happenings on the platform to keep it safe and sure. The A23 platform is 100% safe and secure.

  • Money Back:

    If your KYC documents are in place, then you can avail of the instant withdrawal facility provided by the platform. It is essential to keep the documents in place for a seamless experience.

  • The Beginning:

    We started as a web portal in 2006 with the idea of bringing online games to a wider audience and our little idea made us India's first-ever rummy portals.

  • Wide Range:

    We have over 6+ crore players, making us one of India's largest and most trusted online gaming portals with a variety of games designed to entertain various audiences. All our games can be played by beginners as well as seasoned players.

  • Random Number Generation Certification:

    We earned a certification from iTech Labs for the fair game facility, which is globally accepted.

  • Feel Supported:

    Excessive gaming can cause you to spend more than you can afford and make you feel anxious or upset when you're not winning. Our resources and customer support help us identify and address problematic behaviours.

  • Take breaks:

    To avoid burnout, take breaks from gaming. We recommend scheduling gaming times to avoid interfering with daily life.

  • Security and Fair Play:

    We prioritise player safety. Our platform protects your data and ensures fair play with advanced security. Transparency and trust in gaming are our priorities.

    We promote responsible gaming at A23. We strive to keep our platform safe and fun. Enjoy our online cash games safely by following these responsible gaming practices.

Why choose the A23 online gaming platform?

  • Advanced Security:

    We protect players with cutting-edge security protocols. All A23 transactions are protected by 2048-bit SSL encryption, protecting personal and financial data.

  • Fair Play Commitment:

    Our games use a certified Random Number Generator (RNG) to shuffle and deal cards impartially. iTech Labs Australia, a reputable organisation, has certified our RNG. This ensures fair play and impartial results in all our games, boosting player trust.

  • Fraud Prevention:

    We have several measures in place. Player seating is random, so they cannot predict or control it. We also monitor IP addresses to prevent players from the same location from sharing a table, reducing collusion. Our anti-fraud algorithms monitor every game move to ensure fairness and competition.

  • Internet disconnection:

    For internet outages or disconnections, A23 has a strong framework in place. Disconnected players aren't excluded from the game; the system activates auto-play to protect their interests until they reconnect.

  • Continuous Security:

    Our platform is constantly updated to ensure that our security protocols address new threats. We constantly assess and improve our security to avoid threats.

  • No Bots:

    A23 doesn't allow bots to make sure only real players play against each other. All players on our platform are verified and have completed KYC, ensuring fairness.

    A23 offers safe and fun online gaming by enforcing strict security and fair play. We have always been committed to player safety and well-being. A23 offers one of the safest online cash gaming experiences.

Getting started with A23

  • Download the A23 app from Google Play or Apple App Store to start your journey. Choose from a variety of games to play.
  • Register/Sign Up: Enter the A23 app and tap “sign up.” Enter your phone number and email address.
  • Verify your account: Your mobile number or email address will receive an OTP after registration. You must verify your account with this OTP to increase security and trust.
  • KYC Details: Verify your KYC (know your customer) for a smooth withdrawal and gaming experience. Accessing all gaming app features, including withdrawals and cash games, requires this step. These details will be part of your profile.

How does the platform work?

A23 is an online gaming platform that offers a large selection of games, especially different types of online games . We are constantly looking for new ways to make the games more exciting. Here's how we do it:

  • Quick Withdrawals and Deposits:

    We offer lightning-fast withdrawals on our platform for your winnings. You can add money to the wallet and begin playing games that have cash tournaments. So, get playing with the A23 app.

  • Enjoy bonuses and rewards:

    Start your A23 app journey with a sign-up bonus. We also have free tournaments that help you learn new skills and as well as tutorials to help you learn more about the games.

  • Play in a safe environment:

    The platform ensures that all games and gamers are treated fairly with measures to prevent fraud.

What are the different types of games on the A23 app?

  • Rummy:

    One of the most popular cash games, it tests players' ability to skillfully win over the players by building win sets and sequences more quickly.

    A23 has multiple rummy variants, such as Run Rummy, Pool Rummy, and more. Indian Rummy is the most widely played A23 game, followed by Run Rummy. Each of these games have different rules, and it is important to know them before you enter a tournament. Download the A23 app, improve your skills.

  • Poker:

    Poker is one of the most widely played card games, where players place bets based on the cards they have. Each player is dealt a card face down and 5 cards face up that are visible to all the players. You need to use the 2 cards face-down along with the 5 cards face-up to form the strongest hand. At the beginning of the game, each player is given a set number of chips that are used to place their bets. The player with the strongest hand at the end wins all the chips that were placed during the different round. It's all about having a good hand, making smart choices, taking risks, and being strategic enough to stay in the game!

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