3 Reasons to Hold the Joker Cards in Online Rummy

3 Reasons to Hold the Joker Cards in Online Rummy
3 Reasons to Hold the Joker Cards in Online Rummy

Joker is a substitute card and/or wild card in online rummy. Despite the card values we hold, a joker card can be a game-changer when you need just one card to finish off the game. A pack of cards has one printed joker card and another card randomly decided as a wild card, which can replace any cards to form a sequence/set or both in a rummy game. Rummy is a skill game and you should know how to use wild cards properly throughout the game. Before deep-diving into the complexities, let us walk through the reasons to hold the joker cards seriously in Online Rummy.

The intent of Rummy:

The player who is declaring a show should hold at least two sequences in which holding a pure life is highly essential. Pure life is formed without using a wild card in the sequence. However, you can avail joker in rummy to form the next sequence rather than waiting for a particular card to complete the sequence.

The situation would be tricky when you have to discard a card from the cards you hold. If you hold a wild card, you can play peacefully by discarding the cards closer to the face value. Hopefully, your table players would not be interested to pick. For example, if you have a diamond of 5 as a wild joker, you can confidently discard cards like 3, 4 & 6 of the same suit on each turn. By doing this you are creating a safe situation and assuring yourself that the next three turns at least are safe to you as your opponent is not going to pick up any of these cards to form a Rummy Sequence.

These are the basic reasons that help you to lay a strong foundation on game skills and shield yourself when you play with experts.


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