Check Out these 5 Bollywood Songs Seasoned with Rummy

Check Out these 5 Bollywood Songs Seasoned with Rummy
Check Out these 5 Bollywood Songs Seasoned with Rummy

The skill game rummy has a connection with everything. In fact, the songs we listen in our pass time or while traveling, rummy has a close connection with them. Aren’t you believing? Well, in our country, Bollywood music is a must at most of the social gatherings. So is rummy!  While the music, dance, and food take the occasion to the next level, rummy sums up excitement & entertainment anywhere, any time.

A card game like rummy is easy to play when you are completely aware of the rules. Besides this, you should understand how to play the game according to the situations in the game. Just like the bollywood songs bring fun and excitement to the people and rummy nurtures a sense of cognitive and decision-making skills. Hence, Indian rummy became the most chosen game at any social gatherings. It is the most enjoyable and fun-loving game that keeps us engaging.

Today, we have come up with some Bollywood songs with a rummy twist sure to be as amusing as they sound. Let’s see how many of you will try to identify the original song lyrics and their movies from the below 5 Bollywood songs seasoned with Rummy. Here we go!!

Song #1 Aaj Phir Rummy pe Pyaar Aaya hai… Aaj Phir Rummy Pyar Aaya Hai… Behad Aur Beshumar Aaya Hai

Song #2 Rummy Khel na zara… Card mein jo hai chhipa… Main kisise kahunga nahi…

Song #3 Rummy hai ek safar hai suhana… Iss khel mein kya ho kisne jaana…

Song #4 Mere dimag ye bata de tu… Kis or chala hai tu… card paya nahin tune… Kya khel raha hai tu

Song #5 Tu ek baar jo dimag se Rummy khele toh har game mein jeeth jaayega…

We hope you have enjoyed humming the A23 version of Bollywood songs with a rummy twist.


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