Did You Know How ‘Life’ and ‘Rummy’ are Related?

Did You Know How ‘Life’ and ‘Rummy’ are Related?
Did You Know How ‘Life’ and ‘Rummy’ are Related?

Rummy is a skill-based card game that requires basic understanding and thorough practice to reach an expert level. When we talk about the instances in the rummy games, it can closely relate to our live acts. Today, we are going to walk through the relation between “Rummy” & “Life”. Though the comparison between these two dimensions sounds a bit philosophical, playing online rummy at a23 has always been equated with the following aspects of life. 

Plan: It is very important to stay organized in our lives. Being systematic in certain aspects will throw a spotlight on our fortune. Well, the whole point is, anything that comes in our way should be tackled with planning. Similarly, the basic thing that has to be triggered initially in rummy game is the arrangement of cards according to their values and meld them into groups i.e., sequence and/or suits to declare the show.

Oversee: When we are encircled with problems, we should be able to manage the things diplomatically. Be it a personal or a professional, one should have some modicum skills in handling the situations just like a walk on a cake. Similarly, rummy will test our management skills in melding the sequence with whatsoever cards we get. In fact, we should try to pick & discard cards and come out with the best possible strategy to cut down on points.

Predict: We should observe things around us before coming to any conclusion. This quality can improve our mind to predict what best could be done in any adverse situations. Hence, following the motto of maintaining the lowest possible score in rummy, one should be able to observe and predict opponents’ games by their card picks & discards.

Decide: Before making any decision in life, we should list out our priorities to ensure which one has to be checked out first. Coming to online rummy games, it is mandatory to arrange the cards according to their values & suites, and plan the fastest possible sequence by discarding & picking up the cards from the deck. However, we cannot assure you that we deal with a good hand every time. Thus, we need to stack up our card skills to reduce overall score points. 


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