What is an impure sequence in rummy?

Impure sequence in rummy
ImPure sequence in rummy
ImPure sequence in rummy

Rummy has multiple game variants, such as runs rummy, pool rummy, points rummy and Indian rummy. Indian rummy is one of the most played card games in India, and now it is gaining momentum in other countries as well. It is a game of skill, strategy and finding the right sequence and melds. The main aim is to create winning sequences and sets/runs with minimum penalty points. While learning how to play rummy, understanding the power of pure and impure sequences in rummy is important.

What should you keep in mind about rummy sequences?

Out of the two types of sequences in Rummy, a pure sequence is required to make a valid declaration; it can include a wild joker, but only if the wild joker belongs to the same card suit and rank. It consists of 3 or 4 cards, for example, 7♠,8♠,9♠. A pure sequence is important for a valid declaration. Alternatively, an impure sequence in rummy is a group of 3 or more cards along with a printed joker and/or wild joker. An impure sequence in rummy can use jokers to fill the gap and form a complete sequence.

Types of card groups in rummy

13-card rummy is made of various card groups that contribute to winning a rummy game. A rummy game is not just about sequences but also melds of runs and sets. Each combination of cards takes you closer to winning the game. 

  1. Pure sequence in rummy
  2. Impure sequence in rummy
  3. Sets in rummy
  4. Runs in rummy

Each type of card grouping is essential for learning how to play rummy. In the next sections, we are going to explore impure sequences in rummy in detail.

What is an impure sequence?

There are two types of sequences in rummy in a rummy game: a pure sequence and an impure sequence. An impure sequence in rummy involves 3 or 4 more cards in sequence of the same suit and can use a wild joker or printed joker to complete the sequence.

The joker card acts as a replacement for one of the cards required to complete the rummy sequence.

Examples of an Impure sequence in rummy without a joker in rummy games:

5♠️ 6♠️ 7♠️ 8♣️ (Impure due to different suit for 8♣️)

A♣️ 2♣️ 3♣️ Q♠️ (Queen of Spades creates an impure sequence.)

A♥️ 2♥️ 3♥️ 4♦️ (Impure due to different suit for 4♦️)

K♦️ Q♦️ J♦️ 10♥️ (Impure due to different suit for 10♥️)

Examples of impure sequences in rummy with a printed joker in rummy games:

4♣️ 5♣️ PJ (Printed Joker)—replaces 6♣️

7♠️ 8♠️ K♦️ (Wild Card) 9♠️ – replaces 10♠️️(in this impure sequence, the wild card fills the gap between consecutive cards of the same suit.

J♣️ Q♣️ K♣️ (Printed Joker) – replaces 10♣️

3♦️ 4♦️ Q♠️ 5♦️ – Queen of Spades replaces missing 4♦️

9♣️ 10♣️ J♣️ (Wild Card) – replaces Q♣️

In the end, learning how to play with impure sequences in rummy is important for making a valid declaration. In rummy games, the combination of sequences and melds is crucial to mastering the game of rummy.

Why do you need a valid declaration?

To win, a valid rummy sequence is necessary to avoid 80 penalty points. You need a pure sequence in rummy for your declaration to be considered valid. On the other hand, an invalid declaration is when you don’t have an impure rummy sequence or melds in addition to your pure sequence in rummy.

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