Interesting Facts about Playing Indian Rummy Online

Know the Rules to Play Points Rummy Online
Know the Rules to Play Points Rummy Online

Estimated to hit 1.4 billion dollars by 2024, India’s rummy market is growing exponentially. This game of cards has been a significant part of Indian socio-cultural lives. Here are some interesting facts about Indian Rummy.

History of Rummy

Rummy does not have a clear history or storyline. However, it is believed that the game evolved from a Mexican game named ‘Conquian.’

Also known as ‘Paplu’

Indian rummy is also referred to as ‘Paplu’. The word is a part of rummy terminology. It is usually used with two other terms, ‘Nichlu’ and ‘Tiplu.’ This is also known as ‘Marriage Rummy’ as it was traditionally played to pass the time after wedding ceremonies.

There are over 60 Variations

Also known as the ‘mother of modern card games,’ approximately 60 variants or games have been derived from rummy. Contract games, melding games, shedding games, canasta, rummoli games, tile games, Chinese cards, etc., are a few examples of this dynamic game. Moreover, each variation has different terms to play, making it exciting.

Legal to Play

Though there was no central legislation that labelled rummy as illegal, it was not considered respectable and legal to play. However, in the leading case of State of Andhra Pradesh V. K Satyanarayan and others, and K. R. Lakshmana v. State of Tamil Nadu & Others, the Hon’ble Supreme Court held that rummy is a game of skill and not just of chance. Therefore, this game to win money online is completely legal.

Fundamental Right

The probability of victory in rummy not only includes the chance factor but also depends upon the experience, knowledge, attention, training, and ability of the player. Therefore, this game of skill is considered a business activity from a legal perspective. Hence, the right to play rummy is protected under Article 19(1)(g) of the Indian Constitution.

Rummy in ancient times

In today’s era of technology and the internet, anyone can play rummy on their devices, be it mobile phones, laptops, tablets, or even desktops. However, back when technology and the internet were not a thing, people used to play rummy with a deck of hand-printed cards.

Origin of name

There is no definite story about the origin of the name ‘Rummy’. However, considering the old theories, the name is inspired by a British slang, ‘rum,’ which means strange, queer, or odd. On the other hand, some historians believe that other card games like Pinochle and Bridge have contributed to the name.

Income Tax

Since playing rummy is completely legal. Therefore, many players are opting to become professional players today. So, the earnings from rummy are now subject to income tax and are calculated under the heading of ‘income from other sources.’


Rummy is an exciting skill game. You always have the chance to earn real cash. But before you start playing, make sure you find a secure platform for online transactions. After all, security is an asset in this digital world.


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