Online Rummy Games VS Casino Games Which is Better?

Online rummy games VS casino games

Although online casino might appear to be a new thing to many, but this concept was introduced few years back and has been able to get its customer base. The only fact that we would like to state here is that online casino still stands as a newbie when we talk of online gaming and this is one big reason that makes online rummy rule the popularity charts beyond a doubt.

Online Casino Games- A Quick Glance at the Basics Features

Just like the name states, online casino games are casino games which mean that these are played for real cash. There are different kinds of games that fall under this bracket but the rules of playing more or less stay the same where players need to pay a sum to get the bench or slot to try their luck. Another interesting fact that we would like to share here is that in case of online casino games everything is instant; the players need to be up and charged to cast their spell and register a win.

Top online casino games that are being loved by the people in the country are:

  • Teen patti
  • Mega wheel
  • Crazy time
  • Lightning baccarat
  • Lightning roulette
  • Andar bahar
  • Dragon tiger
  • Crazy 777
  • Super Ace
  • Monopoly live
  • & the list goes on…

It is to be known that in case of online casino games there is a capping on the maximum winning amount and this is why only the ones who wish to control their game’s reigning horses try this option. In contrast to this, with online rummy the players have the control in their hands as here what helps them win the game in their skill set and not sheer luck.

One more valid information that needs to be comprehended by all those who are eager to venture into the arena of online casino games is that only the hot favorite games tend to end up being exciting, rest all seems to be dull on the fun meter.

With online casino games, the players need to wait for their slots as the game is in progress live.  The information about the slot availability is accessible to the players when they log in to the site or when the new players register and sign in for a live casino game.

Online Rummy- Is Undoubtedly a Winner When It Comes to Perfect Gaming

Talk of card games in India and the very first name that comes into the mind and tongue of enthusiastic players is Rummy. This is one such game that holds its physical presence in the country for decades now and with the arrival of online variants the excitement level has just perked up. Whether it is about winning real cash from a game or testing ones rummy skills or just having a fun time playing an interesting card game, any of the rummy variants would be the answer. With enough online portals allowing players to play online rummy, there is no dearth of choices and this means no matter what kind of game play you want, you will get it for sure.

Few reasons why people in India still prefer online rummy over other card games and even the online casino games are many; let us check out few convincing ones.

  • Huge Popularity: The popularity that online rummy enjoys stands second to none, this is one of the biggest contributory factors that have lead to amplifying increase in the number of online sites and apps offering this game to the players.
  • Ease of Play: Now this is something that stands self-explanatory, ask any card game player and he would confidently say that yes I know how to play rummy. If we talk of the online version, here too the game play format is more or less the same and with the sites coming with intuitive interfaces, the players do not need to think much before they get going with the game.
  • Familiarity: With more and more people in the country holding complete familiarity with the game of rummy there is nothing that needs to be learnt. In contrast there are many online casino games that appear to be a complete bouncer to the ones who have never tried such games in the past. With online rummy, you can easily find players of the similar skill level and this allows players to play the game in the spirit of competition and not gambling.
  • Fair Play: If we go with the customer satisfaction level of the players playing both online casino games and online rummy the latter ones scores a complete 10 on 10. The players playing online rummy know that the game is being played in fair spirits and the money that the counterpart is winning is due to his skills and not due to any kind of foul play.
  • Brain Game: When we talk of games that put the brain to work, rummy is definitely a part of the list. With enough calculations and computations required to play a move, the players need to use their skills to the fullest while observing opponent’s move. A lot of brain also goes into understanding the strategy of the player on the other side and then crafting out the plan of action that would finally lead to a win at the end.

If we compare online rummy and online casino games, the simple verdict that comes straight from the heart is that rummy is player friendly and casino is all about that gamble that not many of us would like to go in for.

Online rummy is thrilling, interesting, secure and rewarding and due to these features we have seen a significant rise in the number of players online. While on the other hand, if we talk of online casino games there is a specific set that likes these games and believe it there has not been a significant rise in the numbers.

Play Safe-Play Online Rummy

For the ones who do not want to ruin their fiscal health and are here to just have a fun time playing a game that is both interesting and safe, online rummy is the best option to go in for. There are many sites on the internet that have online casino games out of which almost half do not stand legit as per the government norms and the poor part is that the players are not even aware of this dark reality.

Sites such as A23 that allow players to play online rummy and other tournaments such as cricket are 100% safe and follow the norms stated by the government bodies. All those players who are out there on these portals to make money and that too the legal way should consider going in for rummy. Few online casino games risks that you are need to be aware of are:

  • There are no legit barriers, which often leads to exploitation of the players in one for or the other. We are not saying that there are no registered casinos, it is just that the numbers are too small and most of them are hard to find online as the customer base is bleak.
  • Always keep one thing is mind; these rogue casinos might lure at the first instance but would later make you go all dependants on them with their tactics. It s important to read the terms and conditions of the online casino site that you wish to choose and if all seems legal then only you should consider the same else call it a go.
  • As everything in the case of online casinos is unauthorized, there is no guarantee of customer satisfaction as this is one big reason why players these days prefer to choose online rummy over this risky format.

One last fact that we would like to share about online casino games is that these are not only financially draining but could lead to an emotional havoc too as you might feel shattered and coming out of that situation might seem impossible.

Always keep one thing in mind, do not go in for anything that is risky or could become habit forming as you are out there to just have some fun with a game that refreshes you. it is a safe bet to go in for any of the variants of online rummy from A23 as these are being loved by many out there in the country and your experience too is going to be top-notch. When we compare online rummy with online casino games, the basic fact that needs to be stated is that every player out there has different financial limits and gaming preferences, thus one needs to be watchful of all this before making the final choice. Do not try something that does not look safe at the first instance out of any pressure, please resist that urge and settle in for an online game that is made to give you pure satisfaction and excitement without any risks at all.


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