What is a “Life” meant by a Rummy Player?

What is a “Life” meant by a Rummy Player?
What is a “Life” meant by a Rummy Player?

Rummy is a traditional card game played in India. A set of 52 cards with 1 joker (wildcard) is called as deck & the cards in each suit rank from low to high: A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q 7 K. A is the Ace which either used as 1 or face card when melding the sets. Similarly, each card has its own value i.e., Face cards (K, Q, J) – 10 points, Ace – 10 points. Remember that anyone can run the face card “Ace” either Q-K-A or A-2-3 sequence.

Forming a Set & a Life:

The game “rummy” is all about dealing with cards to form a 13 card sequence. Now the mind keeps nudging on how to form this sequence. Well, 13 card sequence is a combination of set(s) & life.

A set consists of at least 3 cards of the same value of different suits with/without using a joker. While a sequence is formed from at least 3 consecutive values of the same suit cards, at least one sequence without using a joker.

Life is a sequence formed with at least 3 consecutive value cards of the same suit. To make a successful Show, a player must hold at least one straight sequence, often called pure life in rummy games. So, one should at least hold one pure life, one life with a joker where one should have 3 cards and the other with 4 cards; 2 sets of 3 cards & 4 cards each.

Life with Low Value Cards:

Never take risks n forming a life with high value cards because one should be able to maintain least possible score to stay safe in the game when an opponent declares the game in adverse situations. Try to form with low value cards & dicard high value cards indeed.

Remember… Too many Jokers ruin the game:

When failed to form a straight sequence by holding too many jokers, then it is quite difficult to cut off the score at the end of the game. Simply stay aware of the game rules before declaring the show. Else, there is are chances for two consequences. Either the total score will sore up or it may turn out to be a wrong show in the end. Rummy Online is all about summing up your card game skills in the shortest possible time before any opponent declares their show.


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