Rummy and Poker: What’s the Connection?

Explore the Connection Between Rummy and Poker

Rummy and Poker have been played for many years. They have both been well-loved games for online and offline play. Both card games are based on skills and strategies, and players all around the world love these games for their thrill and skill-based gameplay. 

Rummy has been played in Indian homes on many occasions and has been a favourite game to build bonds and spend quality time with loved ones. Whereas, Poker is found to be enjoyed in casinos.

Since their online inception, both rummy and poker have been enjoyed by millions of people, as they’re both quite similar in their overall approach. Let us look at the connection between the two favourite games in this article. 

Origins of Rummy and Poker Games

Origin of the Rummy Game

There are many theories about the origin of the Rummy game. It is believed that it originated in China and Mexico in the 19th century. One theory suggests that it originated from Mexico in the 1890s and was commonly known as “Conquian.” The game had similar objectives to the Rummy game of melding sequences.

Another theory suggests that it originated from China and is based on a famous Chinese game, Mahjong. The game is played with tiles, and it is believed that its variant, Kun P’ai, was Westernised to later become Rummy.  

Origin of the Poker Game

The Poker game dates back further in time. It is said to have originated in China in the 10th century as a domino game played by a Chinese Emperor. It also connects with a Persian game played in the 16th century known as As Nas. 

More similarities were found between a 17th-century European game, Poque and a German game, Pochen. 

The game later migrated to the US and transformed into Poker – the 5-card game we know today. Its origin dates back to New Orleans in 1829, where it was first reported to be played and then later spread to the rest of the country through the Mississippi River boats.

Similarities in Poker and Rummy Games

Rummy and Poker have many similarities that connect the two games. However, the two games are not the same and have some significant differences too. Let us look at the factors that connect the two classic games:

Number of Players

Both card games require a minimum of 2 players to play this game. Online rummy and poker games have options for tables with 2-6 players. 


Rummy and Poker games require highly developed skills and strategies to increase your winning chances. Players can enhance their skills and develop newer winning strategies by practising their gameplay. 


Both games need a dealer to shuffle the cards fairly and distribute them at random. The online gaming platforms for both games have random distribution and auto calculation of your pot money.

Dropping or Folding

Rummy and Poker games have options of folding or dropping out of the game if you think you may lose your current round to prevent further losses of rewards and points. 

Furthermore, dropping or folding both have some minor consequences in the games. 

For example, folding in a Poker game means giving up the hand and the chance of winning the pot and dropping out in the middle or beginning of the game. This makes players lose a few points. However, these can be managed and be a part of the strategic play to save bigger losses.

The same can be done in Rummy games. If you were dealt a bad hand and think your odds of winning the round are low, you can either drop out at the beginning of the game or in the middle when it’s your turn to keep your overall score low. Like Poker, you will get penalty points for dropping. 


Rummy and Poker have some significant similarities and differences that set the games apart in their own unique ways. Their origin stories, gameplay, skill-building and strategy planning have some similarities that make them popular and loved in both worlds.

So, if you’re a fan of rummy, there’s a good chance that you will also like playing Poker games on A23!


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