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About Carrom

Carrom is an indoor board game that originated in the Indian subcontinent, but is now played worldwide. Similar to the traditional board game, carrom has discs/coins which need to be pocketed in any of the four pockets on the playing board, and a more prominent disc known as the 'striker' which is used to pocket the other coloured discs.

Once considered a leisurely board game, it is now played globally at a competitive level.

How to Play Carrom?

The aim of carrom is to pocket all the coloured discs (also known as men) that are on the playing board. It is generally played by 2 or 4 people, where one can face-off against a direct opponent, or team up with another player and play against their opponent team. Each player gets a turn to hit a coloured men with their striker within a stipulated time and in a certain operating area, and the player/team who is able to pocket all the discs the earliest wins the game.

Equipment needed for carrom:

  • 1 Striker
  • 6 White Men & 6 Black Men
  • 1 Queen
  • Carrom Board

Play Carrom Board Game Online

Rules of Carrom Board Game Explained:

The rules of the game are formed by the ICF (International Carrom Federation, est: 1988), which are used in all forms of professional Carrom globally.

  • Each player is assigned a colour of men and has to pocket the assigned colour men only
  • A player needs to pocket a men of assigned colour immediately following the queen, along with satisfying the following criteria:
    • The queen and its cover can't be pocketed in the same pocket
    • The players can't pocket the queen before the first men is pocketed and after the last men is pocketed
  • The player who pockets all of their designated colour men is declared the winner
  • A game cannot end until the queen is cleared from the table

Foul cases

If the striker goes into one of the pockets, it leads to a penalty of one men and a loss of turn

  • If a men along with a striker enter the pocket, that men is also removed from the pocket and returned to the board in the centre circle
    • Note: here the chance of the player will be skipped due to foul
  • If the striker goes into a pocket before any assigned Carrom men, the player must later return a Carrom men to the centre of the board after sinking to make up for the deficit
  • If the player pockets his opponent's men, one additional point is automatically added to the opponent's score/tally
  • In case the pocketed men is not assigned to the player, the score is added to the opponent and one assigned men is returned to the board from player's score as a penalty

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Glossary of Carrom Board Game Terms:

  • White men: Movable white men, displaced when hit by a striker, disappears from the board when reaches the pocket
  • Black men: Movable black men, displaced when hit by a striker, disappears from the board when reaches the pocket
  • Striker: Smooth and round movable object used to target and strike the men into the pocket, striker trail animation
  • Queen: Movable pink men, displaced when hit by a striker, disappears only when the player covers White/Black men, otherwise respawns at the centre of the board.
  • Pocket: These are four round shaped corners of Carrom board, where the men are supposed to be sunk by the player using the striker.
  • Striker direction pointer: Indication for the player to provide the amount of power for striking the striker
  • Striker Positioner: Swipe-able button used to position the striker when the turn comes, this can only be dragged within the sliding area