7 Reasons Why Rummy is Known as a Game of Skill

7 Reasons Why Rummy is Known as a Game of Skill
7 Reasons Why Rummy is Known as a Game of Skill

Rummy is a traditional card game being played in India for generations. Though there are numerous reasons to play this game, the fun and excitement are priceless when played with family & friends. However, to make this game more accessible to this generation, A23 has given a makeover to the card games digitally where players can rummy online and win exciting cash prizes daily. 

This ancestral card game has an objective of arranging 13 cards in 2 sets & 2 sequences/life, where at least one sequence should be pure life i.e., a sequence arranged without using a wild card or joker. 

Why “Rummy” is known as a Skill Game?

If you think it is just about arranging 13 random cards in sets & sequences, you are totally wrong! Every player strives to deploy their winning techniques in the game by understanding their opponent’s strategy. 

  1. The card game “Rummy” is an excellent skill game that will improve your analytical thinking and cognitive abilities. Each rummy variant has its own strategy 
  2. It gives an opportunity to battle with your thought process and win the game by arranging the cards possibly in a lesser number of moves/turns.
  3. Being a rummy player, you have to organize the randomly dealt cards in sets & sequences to finish off your game in the shortest possible time.
  4. You should be quick enough to know how/where to avail the joker and when to discard it.
  5. Every game has its own strategy, and a game like rummy surely revolves around the player’s decision making to decide which card to discard by observing opponents’ hands. It involves recalling the cards being discarded by the opponents and predict their card sequence according to their activity at the game table. 
  6. Handling a deadlock situation when you hold high-value cards and manage to cut-off the overall score by discarding them without alerting your opponents on your game strategy.
  7. Double-check before you face up your cards on the table to declare your show.

What are you still waiting for? A23 Indian rummy is just a click away! 

Download the A23 rummy app now from Android or iOS stores and show up your rummy skills to ace the game to win big! 


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