Inheritance of Rummy Game Culture in India

Inheritance of Rummy Game Culture in India
Inheritance of Rummy Game Culture in India
Inheritance of Rummy Game Culture in India

Rummy game culture in India has been carried from past generations. Be it any occasion alike, card game rummy has always been the best pastime for recreation. But very few of us know the history of this. In this blog post, we are sharing a crux on how rummy games culture is inherited in India. 

So, let’s begin!

In the Mughal era, the kings used to play card games mostly associated with Persia and India, commonly known as “Ganjifa”.  During those days, the kings or the emperors’ custom made the cards with handpicked materials like ivory, gems, and sea animal shells by skilled articraft workers in their court. Centuries passed by, these card games were given a different makeover depicting the ancient epics of Indian history.

In those days, the young emperors and their empire used to be skillful and fearless. Their game strategy was always a whole new level in reading and defeating their opponents. Most of all, people with sound minds across certain age groups used to play rummy online as a fun skill game believing that the  game offers engagement and socialization with people around them.

How is the Rummy Game Culture in India?

In order to know the legacy and artifacts of rummy game culture in India, we should primarily understand the emotional attributes of the groups, friends, or families that are inherited from past generations. Also, people tend to love playing card game rummy so often that the traditions are bound with the game.

How Technology Helped Rummy Game Culture to Reach the Novice?

It is clearly evident that rummy is a part of Indian culture. Looking at the advancements in technology, A23 became the first-ever rummy game to give digital makeover of the game and possibly helped to see an exponential rise in people’s interest to play rummy online in India. In fact, it helped to eradicate social playing during a physical gathering or searching for a place to sit and play, etc. It is all about having adeptness and sound mind to play online rummy from a smartphone or tablet or personal computer with an active internet connection. Considering the limitations in the traditional rummy version, A23 broke the barriers by making the game available 24X7 without any time restrictions; where the players can play their favorite rummy game variant for free and also win real cash by proving their game skills in the tournaments. What are you still waiting for? Join in daily & special rummy tournaments, play, and grab your winning share in whopping prize pools. 


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