Is Playing Rummy Better Than Watching Series?

Is Playing Rummy Better Than Watching Series
Is Playing Rummy Better Than Watching Series
Is Playing Rummy Better Than Watching Series

More than only masks, hand sanitizer, and maintaining social distance are implied by the term “new norm.” Since last year, a new trend which has taken off like wildfire. Since you may already be involved in it, you are aware of what we are talking about. Here’s a hint: It involves you curled up on your sofa or couch with your phone. We’re discussing binge-watching here!

As online streaming got widely accessible and affordable, binge-watching has become more and more common. However, binge-watching in our free time has become an essential element of our way of life ever since the pandemic entered our lives.

But what if there were another pastime that was not just more helpful but also just as much enjoyment as binge-watching? Introducing online rummy game a card game which can benefit you in a variety of ways and put an end to binge-watching. Let’s examine why understanding the rules of rummy is a smarter way to pass the time than blindly binge-watching shows on your preferred internet streaming service.

What is Rummy

In India, the most played rummy card game is 13 Card Rummy. A draw-and-discard game, Indian Rummy or the 13 Card game is typically played with two decks. Two decks, two Joker cards, and it can be played by two to six people. Anyone can appreciate the card game of rummy because the rules are quite simple to understand. The players cannot see the card while drawing from the closed deck. The second deck, often referred as the discard pile deck, was made from the players’ discarded number cards and is an open deck. To begin the game, 13 cards are dealt to each player. Being the first player to create proper rummy sets and sequences is the main goal. Upon setting the combinations, a player may declare and claim victory.

It’s Passive to Binge Watch

Although it’s true that after a long day, doing nothing looks incredibly enticing. However, a number of studies and common sense indicate that spending extended periods of time focusing solely on visual and aural stimuli while looking at a screen can be extremely harmful to your health. The mind gets drowsy and lazy. Not to mention the social isolation that results from spending the majority of your time binge-watching.

Nevertheless, playing a game like rummy at least eliminates the social isolation aspect. You have the opportunity to play with players from across the nation, which keeps you interested. As the brain struggles to produce an output rather than just receive information, it is also more active.

Additionally known side effects of binge watching include lack of sleep, weight gain, and cramping. These issues can quickly spiral out of control because the brain is simply receiving stimuli and not being used.

Rummy can be regarded a mental exercise because it enhances cognitive abilities, strategic thinking, as well as coordination. However, playing rummy online for unhealthily long periods of time or when you are unfamiliar with the rules may have negative effects.

How is Online Rummy Playing Superior to Just Watching Series?

In addition to making you more sociable, playing rummy online could also make you a little bit of money. Over time and with continued play, rummy will eventually make you an expert. By doing this, you will be able to modify your strategy and game depending on the cards dealt to you or the tactics used by your rival. Playing online rummy makes it much simpler to play rummy with buddies.

Learning the rummy game’s rules will enable you to win money

You can participate in rummy contests and enjoy daily cash rummy games once you understand the rules of playing rummy online. Your bank account could increase by millions of rupees if you win a rummy tournament. If you play cash rummy frequently, you can win a lot of money. So answer, why would you choose binge-watching over mastering the rummy rules?

You will grow to be adaptable once you have mastered the rummy rules and have played numerous rummy games. Why? because you cannot enter a game of rummy with a predetermined strategy. There will be challenging circumstances, and you will need to assess the risk, regroup, and rethink your strategy. If you understand how to play rummy cards games, you will develop into a more capable decision-maker and more assured in your capacity to face difficulties.

Rummy Widens your Social Network

While binge-watching a series allows you to connect with the characters and may even act as an icebreaker in some talks, excessive time spent with it may make you distant from your pals because you’ll be going out less.

Since countless individuals join the rummy community every day, playing rummy online tends to introduce you to like-minded individuals. Rummy is an interactive game that encourages you to respond to your opponents’ actions and communicate with them in-game, which broadens your social network in ways that watching a series whole day would not be able to.

Rummy Is Much Exciting

Since you can simply watch the next episode anytime you choose, the binge-watch trend has stifled the thrill. This makes the plot less compelling, and even the major twists seem predictable. Many folks just keep watching the show till it ends.

Even if you are acquainted with the rules of the game, everything tend to stay newer longer in rummy because there is no predetermined plot and the game varies with every play you or your opponents make. The added excitement of defeating your opponent and showcasing your mental skills is present.

Only a decent Connection Is Required!

Have you ever had trouble connecting to a show while viewing it? Suddenly, everything that was once in high resolution became pixelated. Or, worse yet, the streaming halts. With online rummy, you’ll never run into this problem. Rummy is an online game, yet even a subpar connection will let you to play without any issues.

Making Money Is Possible!

A streaming service subscription costs money, which comes directly out of your wallet. Considering how many streaming services have appeared in recent years, you should have noticed your purse getting lighter if you truly want to watch a wide variety of shows! On the other hand, you can play online rummy for free and even win money! You can participate in many tournaments and individual games to earn fantastic prizes.

Why choosing A23 for online rummy

If you are asking is it safe to play rummy online, then A23 has the answer for you.

You can enjoy the most interactive rummy experience online at A23, where you may compete against real people for real money. With the newest A23 app, you can now play Rummy on the go and enjoy an unrivalled level of thrill and adrenaline!

With A23, you stay protected while making transactions to join cash tables. A23 app is available for Android as well as iOS devices. Download rummy app now, sign up for free and start using your rummy skills to win big rewards daily. You can visit their website to get more information.

Binge-watching is certainly not a bad idea, but it is so personal. On the other hand, playing rummy provides advantages since it improves your time management, flexibility, and decision-making abilities. Rummy is enjoyable to play, but you should play cautiously.


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