The Spread of Rummy Game Culture in Indian Families

The Spread of Rummy Game Culture in Indian Families
The Spread of Rummy Game Culture in Indian Families
The Spread of Rummy Game Culture in Indian Families

When we talk about card games in India, no wonder that the culture of rummy has incentivized the spread of game genes from generation to generation. Be it any social gathering, card games like Indian rummy are something that completes the event with fun & excitement. However, looking at the social lifestyle of our present generation, the only common thing we see is the smartphone. We rarely get a chance to see people having fun playing cards in the common area with family, neighbors, and friends.  

In order to keep this traditional card game handy, A23 has extended a digital enhancement of handheld cards so that the card game rummy can be played in a click away. In fact, A23 is India’s first-ever online rummy portal to come up with this amazing idea to bestow rummy players with an Indian rummy game to play any time, anywhere.

Check out the spread of this rummy game culture below.

What are the rummy variants discovered in India? 

The current trend of rummy games being played is way different from that of kings’ era games. The game has slowly spread from one place to another, from kingdom to people, and then from generation to generation. There is noteworthy information on rummy games that people from different places have discovered different variations in rummy. Well, India is also a part of this spread too and that’s how Indian rummy ingrained in our culture. Though we could see numerous versions of rummy across the globe, the 13-card game and the 21-card game are the two formats that are extensively played by this generation in India. However, there are points rummy, pool rummy, deals rummy, and gunshot rummy variants preferred by our Indian players.

The Popularity of Indian Rummy

Rummy is a pure skill game; easy to master and exciting to play. However, the game requires a certain level of skills to become a crackerjack. That’s not at all! Despite the deck of cards and a group of people, the timing of the game gives a threshold to the excitement as well as challenge among the players to have unlimited fun. Thanks to the technology! It helped us to reach all possible corners of the country to let people try their game skills on A23. 

*A23 online rummy doesn’t allow players to play real stake games from Telangana, Assam, Odisha, Nagaland & Sikkim territories.


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