Understanding the Differences in Rummy Variants

Rummy Variants Differences
Rummy Variants Differences
Rummy Variants Differences

Rummy’s popularity around the world continues to grow as more and more people get online to play rummy. Known for strategic gameplay that involves studying your cards, your opponent and staying ahead of your game.

In India, the most preferred type of rummy game is 13-card rummy, in this rummy variant the rummy rules require you to make a certain number of melds and sequences , which includes a compulsory pure sequence and sets or impure sequences.

Many types of rummy variants have now been developed to ensure that there is something for every player in terms of unpredictability, pace and strategic depth.

Types of Rummy games on A23

Points Rummy

Points Rummy is a fast-paced variant of rummy in which the objective of the game is simply for the winner to be the first to make their melds with a score of zero. Each card has a certain value and the Jokers and Face cards have a higher value, which is why it is recommended to discard your high-value card at the earliest. 

It is important to remember to make a pure sequence right at the beginning because that is mandatory to make a declaration. After which, the player must try and go for an impure sequence or set using a printed or wild joker, if required. Once these melds are created, the player with the lowest score wins. 

Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy is another popular type of rummy game or rummy variant of rummy available to play online. In this variant, the number of hands that will be dealt to the players is decided in advance.  In this type of rummy game, at the end of that number of deals, the player who has made the required number of melds with the lowest points wins. 

Pool Rummy

Pool rummy, another type of rummy game or rummy variant , the pool or the highest score allowed is decided at the beginning of the game, and the player who reaches that pool is eliminated. The objective of the game is to make melds and discard the cards in your hand to have the least number of points through multiple rounds. The points are decided at 101/201/ and 61 pools as the three varying degrees of challenge in the variants of pool rummy. The first player to reach a score of 101, 201 or 61, depending on the variant, is eliminated. The last player standing with the lowest score is the winner.

Other Types of Rummy games

There are many other variants of rummy games that can be played with a deck of cards

Gin Rummy

In this type of rummy game, the major difference between Gin rummy and regular 13-card rummy  are the rummy rules. In Gin rummy games,  a player can win a game even without a valid set of melds. If the player has a score of less than 10, then they can knock to declare. The only rummy rule is to ensure that the sequence belongs to the same suit. The score of the player who knocks is tallied with their opponent to ensure that they have the lowest score.

Contract Rummy

Contract Rummy, another type of rummy game or rummy variant,  is played in a certain set of rounds. The rummy rules for each round are different, making the game tougher. The number of cards dealt to each player also increases in every round. The objective remains similar to regular rummy, except that in each round of melds, you are supposed to make changes.

Play Rummy variants online on A23

Get online now to challenge your playing card skills and learn the exciting rummy game variants. The rummy rules vary from variant to variant in every rummy game and this provides a good challenge to even seasoned rummy players. Online rummy allows you to keep improving your skills for various types of rummy games and learning the rules.


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