What's New 2010

Auto Play Updated: 2010

No more getting middle drops and full counts on ace2three when you get disconnected. Now, Ace2Three has launched a new feature where in, if your internet is disconnected "Auto Play" will be enabled for that particular round. In "Auto Play" mode the system will take a deck card and discard the same card giving you an opportunity to Join Back in the game as soon as you are reconnected thus avoiding unwanted count of 50 and 80.

Please note:

1) if any opponent places a show during the Auto Play mode, you will get full count as would be the case when you get disconnected.

2) If you are still disconnected after a show is placed and the next round started you will be dropped unless some one has a deal show in which case you will get full count on hand 3) Auto play will only be enabled if there is atleast one deck card/open card accepted by the player.

  • 3 Way Split: Ace2Three now introduces 3 way split where 3 players can split the prize pool provided all of the 3 players are in compulsory (no further drops available) and all 3 accept the split of the prize pool.
  • Card Taken Notification: The glow of the cards will be extended when a player has taken a deck card/open card notifying the players status