If you know how to play rummy, no wonder that you always find interest in some new game tricks to win over your opponents. However, there are certain strategies one has to adapt to thwart opponents on a rummy table. Despite the rules and knowledge of the game, focus and concentration in the game are the two key driving forces of the game-winning. Well, in this blog post we tried to cover some of the tips that can help you win often at rummy.

Learn & Try Different Rummy Variants: Online rummy at A23 allows you to access free games for practice, for real-cash, and tournaments. You can choose your favorite game variant to start with and become a pro in it, before playing for real stakes. When your hands are well versed with all the rummy game variants, you can access your skill expertise to understand a specific game variant you can often try your hands on. If though you feel that the tournaments are difficult to ace, they are worth giving a try because the real cash rummy games with higher stakes keep you engaged. Not just that, but it will also keep your mind busy and boost intelligence.

Arrange Your Cards Properly on Your Screen: In an online rummy card game, arranging the cards in a specific order is a crucial step to increase your winning chances. When you organize your cards of consecutive order and unrelated ones separately, it will help to avoid confusion while discarding cards. Best way is to organize rummy sequence cards, set cards and other unmatched cards separately. Then there are Joker cards, which you can at the moment keep aside so as to not confuse those with other cards.

Never Encourage Yourself to Quit the Game: Start your online rummy games journey for free. Try to not drop out of the game, as you have no points at risk. Avail free games to practice and access your game skills from a weak hand to a strong or even a better one. This practice will help you to hold the cards and make a smart move when playing the real money games.

Understand Which Cards to Keep and Discard: In playing card games, you will come across ups and downs. But the key is to keep calm and find a solution. So, you need to be sure which cards to keep. The ones that probably would help in forming pure sequences, you should keep those. Also, keep Joker cards, as long as these are useful in supporting a valid hand. When you play rummy online real money, your focus should be to discard high point cards the first, which are unrelated and not useful to make purse sequence. This is to reduce the points in hand. In case you lose the game, the points of cards not in pure sequence, are accounted for, and high point cards such as King, Queen, and Jack, carry 10 points each. You will also want to discard Joker cards if there are too many of those.

Observing Opponents Hands is an Art: To have a good chance of winning a game, keep an eye on the moves of opponents. The cards they pick and discard will throw some clue on the cards they hold, and which sequences or sets they are intended to form. You can accordingly tighten their screws by playing your smart game and by misleading them with cards they don’t need.  

Always Have a Track on Your Points: By the above-mentioned pointer, it is understood that analyzing the points of hand time and again is crucial. You will definitely want to keep a track of points in hand, so do so after every move. In a free rummy game, where points are not at stake, you may not be too bothered about counting points in hand, but you will care when you play for money.

You Should Develop a Game Strategy Every-time: Game-play strategy is a key driver to ace a rummy game online. It is an art to trick your opponents, and get the cards you need from them within the time limit. Sooner you develop your game strategy, you can execute the same right from the first move. Who knows?? The game can end even within a few moves, right? So, your brain cells should rush fast the moment you get the cards and undoubtedly you will be better placed at winning edge.

Avoid Giving Hints to Your Opponents: Try to avoid picking cards from a discarded pile. This might leave a potential clue to opponents of the cards you hold or you need. Hence, try picking cards only from the closed pile.

Try applying the above tricks and get a chance better your game skills to become a winning hand.


Skill games like rummy have made a huge impact on the thought process of gaming. Eventually, things have been changed when the traditional 13 card games roved to the next generations by transforming game culture online. Ace2Three is the first-ever online rummy site to introduce the richness of rummy games digitally. Though there are numerous reasons to choose Ace2Three, let’s walk through 13 interesting facts about A23(Ace2Three).

User Interface: Ace2Three has got the best user interface to easily master the details of the game. The interactive designs and graphic elements bonded together to offer a seamless gaming experience to the users/players.

Game Quality: Social events & card games are the best combinations ever to wrap the day funalicious. Ace2Three ensures a fair gameplay policy. Wherever you are, Rummy on Ace2Three is just a click away to play rummy at any time.

Live Conversation: When we play rummy with family and friends, one of the best part is having fun conversations and munchings until the game ends. Just to make sure that we do not miss out on this essence on our digital platform, we provide chatting space to converse while playing the game. However, we do not encourage any unethical conversations to happen among the table players.

Random Number Generator (RNG): Ace2Three online rummy is open to playing 24X7, maintains transparency in the game where a gameplay interface is programmed, and includes RNG certified card distribution methodology. The table players are given cards generated from the random number generator certified by I Tech labs in Australia, renowned as the best certification for online gaming.

Safe & Secure: It is quite natural to be anxious to try playing rummy online. At Ace2Three, you will realize how intensely the game grabbed our attention in the name of fun & entertainment. It has got the safest & secure features to play rummy for free and real cash & win big!

Customer support: Ace2Three always considers customers and their interests’ as a top priority. Our customer support team is just a call away to take care of your requirements and resolve your issues if any.

Legality: “Is rummy legal to play?” This is the common question arises, who are unaware of online rummy and its legality. Don’t crop up this angst in your minds as the Supreme court of India has come up with a verdict long back that Rummy is purely a game of skill. So, don’t think, just play rummy online on A23(Ace2Three).

Confidentiality: Ace2Three asks for basic details as a part of the registration verification of the player. No wonder that you might be curious about the security features that the site offers. Ace2Three platform is protected with world-class security features to prevent player information from being shared with anyone.

Online transactions: Dealing with online money transactions and disclosing banking information sounds reluctant to anyone. But A23(Ace2Three) assures SSL protection which provides globally acknowledged features to protect such sensitive information, and no one can divulge it. We provide a secured payment gateway for hassle-free payment and withdrawal process.

Festive Vibes:

13 card games influenced our culture in many ways. The rules of the rummy game differ from each variation, but still, the 13 card rummy is the most loved variant in India. Rummy is the most played card game variant among family & friends during festivals or gatherings as a citation for fortune. Considering card games as a skill activity, it is good to play and have fun with your pals.

Learn Rummy: A23(Ace2Three) has jotted down the game rules in a simple way to encourage people to learn & play rummy on Ace2Three. Also, one can stream game learning videos on “how to play rummy?” to start the game journey as a beginner.

Bonus Offers: A23(Ace2Three) bestows exciting bonus offers to the newbies upon the registration confirmation process. We offer a wide range of bonuses to the players at every level to encourage their gameplay.

Tournaments: A23(Ace2Three) giveaway exciting cash prizes in tourneys based on the player level. A wide range of tournaments organized such as beginner tournaments, deep stack, daily fantastic freerolls, weekend special tourneys – Super Saturday, Million Gala & Thank God it’s Saturday in a whopping prize pool.

What are you still thinking about? Just ward off all disquiet and experience the true essence of Rummy online on Ace2Three.


13 card rummy Games are one of the simplest card games that can be learned in a short period of time. Being a beginner, Learning how to play rummy can be a lot of fun as long as you have your right strategy in place. This Learning process is exciting as you will come across different situations and experiences that will improve your rummy skills. Well, playing rummy is not rocket science. If you build a passion for the card game, it would relatively become easy to learn the game skill. However, you will have to avoid these 13 common mistakes that every rummy beginner will make while playing the 13 card rummy games.

Not Arranging the Cards: Most newbies fail to organize the cards as per the requirement. If you have trouble to get hold of the cards in the first move, this could put your game at stake. In such scenarios, you might discard a card in confusion which could have been your show card.

Beginning the Game: There are numerous methods to arrange the cards, likewise, there are different strategies to play the game safe. Decide which group of cards fit in sequence & sets respectively, and discard the cards accordingly.

Failing to Discard High-Value Cards: You should understand that holding high-value cards can cost you. If you try to play around high-value cards, you may end up with a heavy-handed score when an opponent declares before you.

Discarding the Wild Card: Most beginners fail to understand the importance of wild card (joker) in online rummy games, one should endeavor to get enough information about the rules before playing.

Making School Boy’s Error: First-time players find difficulty to plan & arrange 13 cards as per the requirement. If you fall under this category, try playing rummy online and get rid of the cards which don’t add value to your game. Else, this mistake will end your game without declaring a show.

Confusion between Sequence & Pure Sequence: Every rummy game has printed joker & a wild card joker which is randomly picked after card distribution. The sequence (3 or 4 cards) formed without using any joker card is the pure sequence whereas the sequence including wild card is just a sequence. It is mandatory to hold at least one pure sequence i.e., life in 13 card games.

Playing Rummy without Practice: Being a beginner, you should start playing free rummy games before giving a head start to the real cash rummy tables. At Ace2Three, you can play rummy for free and understand how the game is being played by different minds. You can then understand the twists & turns of the game “rummy”.

Lag in Decision Making: As a beginner, by taking part in practice tables, you can improve your speed and perfection of drawing and discarding cards. You can slowly improve your gaming skills by playing in practice tables.

Declaring Show without Verification: Declaring a wrong show in rummy is the most common mistake every beginner does. This will end your winning chances by adding 80 points to your score. So, keep re-arranging your cards and be careful while placing the show. Else you may lose the game with just one card placed wrong in the sequence/set, even if you are at the edge of game-winning.

Playing the Game Emotionally: Rummy is a pure skill game. Never ever try to play rummy online with emotions rather play with your game intelligence. You need to approach it wisely so that you can have a rewarding experience. You need to keep track of the cash spent in rummy, and you need to set a limit for loss in cash rummy games. If you are on a losing spree, you need to stop playing for the day and don’t try to chase losses.

Not Keeping a Track on Opponents: Despite playing your own game, always observe what your opponents are playing. Keep an eye on their card picks & discards to estimate their card form.  You might find this difficult how to track their moves initially. Later you will become a pro in predicting their hand moves.

Discarding without Strategy: Most of the beginners don’t understand the game strategy and discard random cards which will not help them cut down the score. Instead, have a strategy to form sequence & set to have a winning impact on the overall game.

These are the thirteen common mistakes made by online rummy beginners. Hope you avoid these mistakes and play responsibly from the next time you land on A23(Ace2Three) rummy.


Rummy is the largely played game in India. Be it a stadium or a television, cricket has a special place in Indian hearts in experiencing the joy of watching the game live. Though rummy and cricket belong to different zones, both are considered as the game of odds and skill.

Comparing indoor and outdoor games, on one hand, might sound bizarre, but there is one common style among these two games, i.e., skill. Card games need skills to form sequences and sets to win the game whereas cricket need skills to defeat the opposing team as a team is required. You should be able to make a required number of sets along with sequences where one sequence should be a pure life before anyone else in the game table, else you will lose. Similarly, if you do not chase your opponents or make a target not easy to achieve by your opponent, then you and your team will lose.

Well, rummy and cricket not just need skill but also a bit of chance. Firstly, the players need to have a clear awareness of the game rules. Secondly, the players should realize that the secret of winning a game is all about following the game rules. Thirdly, even after applying the timely skills in the game, odds are required to win the game.

Chances in Indian rummy are based on the number of Jokers you hold in your game. Remember that holding more Jokers can also screw up your game, while the sufficient can increase your winning chances. Even if a player makes one pure sequence in 13 card rummy, holding one or two Jokers can surely help in winning the game.

While the game chances of cricket count on pitch conditions, players’ performance, and weather conditions which is considered as the major factor of the gameplay because Cricket is such an outdoor game which cannot be played on wet weather conditions as dampness of the ground bounce the ball on the ground. 

Like this way, cricket and rummy are a chance driven skill games. Though the skill can rescind the chance, chances can never countermand the skill involved in the game.

Techniques to win Online Rummy

Like every skilled game, there are key strategies to play rummy online and win the game. Firstly, having the belief that you can always learn some game techniques is important. Each and every time you play card games, you learn rummy game strategies from both the opponents as well as the hand dealt by yourself. In order to get an exponential learning curve, one can go through the below hand-picked game techniques to play rummy and win big.

Arranging Cards & Colors: In online rummy, card colors play a vital role to align the cards from scratch. It becomes easier to group the cards in a better way to avoid confusion or mistake in discarding a card that helps to declare your game.

Avail Joker Card: Joker is the substitute card used in many ways. If you can find better ways to use the Joker card in forming sets or sequences, your job becomes easy to reduce points even if your opponent declares the game before you do.

Hold a Pure Sequence: A pure sequence in online rummy is formed without using a substitute card i.e., joker. Hence it is also known as life. In the worst scenario, if your opponent declares the game before you, holding a pure sequence ensures to cut down the sum of all card values at any time. So, melding a pure sequence is important before you form other sets/sequence(s).

Discard High-Value Cards: Holding high-value cards is highly risky. In fact, It is difficult to try or wait for an opportunity to form a sequence (or) sets with the cards like Ace, King, Queen or Jack.  Despite the chances, it will burden with more points, when opponents declare before you.

Understand the Worth of Middle-Value Cards: Unlike high-value cards, forming combinations for sequences is facile with middle-value cards. You can hold more options with middle-value cards ranging from 4 to 8.

Re-arrange your cards: Not every hand you dealt becomes a winning hand. At times you might be unaware that you are holding the same group of cards throughout the game. So, try to re-arrange your cards constantly to maximize your chances of winning the game.

Evaluate the Cards: Do not wait for any particular card to meld a run. Seriously, this wouldn’t bring any wise change in your game. You should indeed make necessary changes by evaluating the cards once again & rework on the sequence/sets to declare the game.

Form a RUN with 3 or 4 Cards: A Run can either be a sequence or a set. You can use 3 or 4 number of cards to form a run. Try to look out for middle-value cards to meld easily into a run with or without substitute card(s).

Confuse your Opponents: Don’t leave any clue to your opponents while playing online rummy. Be aware of the fact that every time you pick a card from on open pile, you are leaving a clue for your opponent/s on your game. If you hold repetitive cards, you may discard that card to confuse your opponents but still, another card of same suit/value stays in your card sequence.

Bluffing your Opponents: When you are trying to form a set, you might need one missing card to complete the set. Well, you can bluff your opponent and let them discard the need card for you. For example, if you are melding a set of three Queens and you have Queen of Spades & Hearts, then discarding a Jack of diamonds will confuse your opponent to discard a queen of diamonds. This actually works!!

Have an Eye on Opponent Moves: This is one among the smart technique one should cultivate while playing online rummy. Upon observing the card picks and discards of your opponents, you can discard the card close to your opponent discarded card. As such, the chances are less for them to pick your discarded card from the open Deck.

Drop if Needed: You don’t have to play rummy and declare the game every time. Sometimes it becomes difficult to deal with the hands without substitute cards. If you realize that you cannot form sequences out of those cards, try to get rid of high-value cards & proceed to drop the game. You will hardly lose with 20 points rather than playing the game with poor cards that may cost you for all count.

Learn to Cut down the points: The skill game rummy is completely based on points. So, if you think that you are going to lose the game, ensure that you lose with a minimum number of points. This can help to reduce the total amount you lose. For which, you should try to discard high-value cards i.e., Ace, K, Q & J and quickly re-arrange your cards into sequences and sets. Your total score doesn’t affect much even if your opponent declares the game.

Try to implement these rummy game techniques in your upcoming online rummy game. The more you play rummy, the higher you upgrade your game skills and stand out like a pro in rummy! So, what are you still waiting for? Play & experience the best online rummy games ONLY at A23(Ace2Three)!


Joker is a substitute card and/or wild card in online rummy. Despite the card values we hold, a joker card can be a game-changer when you need just one card to finish off the game. A pack of cards has one printed joker card and another card randomly decided as a wild card, which can replace any cards to form a sequence/set or both in a rummy game. Rummy is a skill game and you should know how to use wild cards properly throughout the game. Before deep-diving into the complexities, let us walk through the reasons to hold the joker cards seriously in Online Rummy.

The intent of Rummy:

The player who is declaring a show should hold at least two sequences in which holding a pure life is highly essential. Pure life is formed without using a wild card in the sequence. However, you can avail joker card to form the next sequence rather than waiting for a particular card to complete the sequence.

The situation would be tricky when you have to discard a card from the cards you hold. If you hold a wild card, you can play peacefully by discarding the cards closer to the face value. Hopefully, your table players would not be interested to pick. For example, if you have a diamond of 5 as a wild joker, you can confidently discard cards like 3, 4 & 6 of the same suit on each turn. By doing this you are creating a safe situation and assuring yourself that the next three turns at least are safe to you as your opponent is not going to pick up any of these cards to form a sequence.

These are the basic reasons that help you to lay a strong foundation on game skills and shield yourself when you play with experts.


Indian Rummy is one among the traditional card games played with family and friends in India. Though social gathering under one roof is not often possible, A23(Ace2Three) rummy is here to quench the card game thirst in a click away. The thrill & excitement with online rummy is always different. In fact, every game leaves a self-learning experience with new players and new card moves. No wonder that we learn and adopt a few such things from movies. So today, let’s walk through some must-watch movies solely plotted on card games.

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels:

This is a crime comedy film released in 1998, and the entire film was screened in London. It has got many interesting elements like friends, cards, drama, trouble, money, and comedy on the same page. The storyline starts with a twist in the card game where the four friends get agitated while they end up owing money. How they actually tackle the situation with loan sharks and gangsters by mixing up things is a must watch on the screen.


A comedy flavored movie which is based on the television series from the 1950s. The story revolves around a man who is in desperate need of money to play rummy card games. However, he encounters comic misfortunes in his way where he also comes across a lady thief.

Casino Royale:

This is a spy film from the movie series of James Bond in the year 2006. This movie was made with brilliant minds right from the titles. Every frame has added its own weight to the script as a total. The jaw-dropping special effects and unpredictable twists keep us glued to the movie from the beginning to the end.

Ocean’s Eleven:

If you are a card game aspirant and like to watch crime thriller movies, then this can be your choice. Though this movie is a remake of Rat Pack, it hit theatres in 2001. The cast & crew of Ocean’s Eleven did an amazing job on the screen. The movie title was given from the lead role “Mr. Danny Ocean” who takes serious help from 11 people to gain knowledge on poker.

Are you a rummy lover? Have you come across movies related to card games other than what we listed? If so, please share in the comments section below. Till then, keep playing rummy any time & anywhere ONLY @A23 Rummy.

3 Best Secret Santa Gifts for Rummy Card Game Lovers

Christmas is just a few hours away! If you’re someone with a large group of friends, then you must be rushing out to buy some gifts for them. But, trust me, this the most joyous & weary task. By any chance, if you have a card game lover on your friends’ list, probably these 3 gifts can really surprise them.

Pack of Cards:

Being a card game enthusiast, be it rummy, bridge, or 29, everyone has a pile of cards lying around. But it sounds more interesting if you customize a deck of cards with their favorite character & gift wrap them in such a way that they need to unbox at least 5 box wrappers. The gift looks heavy but the surprise you have for them will be truly amazing.

Board games:

None of our childhood passed without playing monopoly. Yes or No? Well, you must have noticed the variants in Monopoly available in today’s market. Casinopoly is a cloned version of Monopoly but it has got some advanced changes in design & play. 

You will need to face off with your game opponents in all casino games like slots, roulette, and blackjack. In fact, it has got everything in a single place! 

Desk Accessories:

Desk accessories are the best pick for anyone. Firstly, if your bestie is a game lover, then surely he/she must have good time management. You can grab a sand timer (hourglass) or a stopwatch themed with the casino. Secondly, a slot machine is a dream arsenal for any game lover. It actually completes their game collection. If your budget doesn’t fit in buying a real one, you can even try for a showpiece from the local marts.

This sounds so exciting! Isn’t it?

Hope you like our gifting ideas for this year’s Secret Santa. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below & Don’t forget to download our Ace2Three app to play rummy online from anywhere at any time! 


Rummy has been the most played card games in India. The progression of rummy has knocked on the digital doors and made the online rummy version possible. Well, this ideation was welcomed by many rummy aspirants who found it difficult to spare a little amount of time for their recreation. When we talk about rummy variants, we must say that 13 card rummy is the most virally played variant, in India. Let us dive in right away and have a sneak peek at the rummy variants available at Ace2Three. There are numerous variants in rummy in which few are not much played due to the difficulty involved in cutting down the score wrt game time. However, Ace2Three has taken this amazing gameplay to another level by digitalizing every segment and bestowed a seamless & real-time rummy experience to the players.

Considering all aspects, the game revolves around how a player successfully manages to form a sequence by drawing & discarding the cards in the gameplay. To be specific, there was a solely slight difference in each variation. In this article, we will discuss the foremost variants in rummy and how to deal with those games.

Points Rummy:

Points Rummy is that the quickest kind of Rummy – every game lasts just for one deal. The winner gets the chips from the opposite players reckoning on the count and point value, after each round in the game. Despite the high level of ability, these games generate an extra dose of excitement. Players will play and win a high variety of games in an exceedingly short time span with a pair of 2 or 6 & the point value is low, medium or high.

Pool Games:

A very widespread format of rummy games,  also known as “Syndicate”, in which the least scored player wins. Pool rummy games square measure vie among 2-6 players and therefore the objective for a player is to stay the score as low as doable for every game. If the full score reaches or goes on top of 101/201, the player is eliminated and therefore the last player remaining wins the game. However, there are Drop, Jokers, Split/Save entry & Half count options to the players.

Deals Rummy:

This is a quick and exciting rummy format wherever a pair of 3 rounds or “deals” area unit contend between 2 players. The player with a lesser count at the tip of 2/3 deals is that the winner. Best of 2 and Best of 3 are the two inner variations in Deals Rummy.

For more info, click here.


Skill games are not just merely games but simply showcasing mastery in cutting down the overall score before the game ends. “Rummy” is such an entertaining skill game that indeed relates the way of our lives. When we talk about life, it tends to touch every corner of an emotion. And today, let us share some emotions that we vent out while playing rummy online.

Rummy game is neither an easy game nor a tough one. The game carries a bag of emotions which simplifies the game when we take out right emotion at the right time.

Overpower: It is “The Emotion of Winning”. When a person plays rummy like a pro with or without holding the joker but cleverly manages to group the sequences. In adverse situations, these talented players will at least sequence & discard the cards to cut down the overall score. 

Anxiety: Best known for “The Emotion of Uncertainty”. This is the most usual phase every player goes through. Particularly, when a player has to hold those high-value cards without a life & a joker. 

Humour: It is known as “The Emotion of Freaking”. This happens when hope stays against losing the game and opens just one door where the show is yours in the last moment. No wonder that you pat your back. 

Annoy: Known as “The Emotion of Raging”. This is the most unwanted situation a player encounters & drives into confusion by complicating the game. At such instances, it becomes tough to decide to drop the game or to continue. 

Clever: Also known as “The Emotion of Intelligence”. These players will prefer a sequence with middle-value cards by evaluating the card values & card suits to declare the show as soon as possible. They will usually discard high-value cards when they don’t fit in any sequence but inflate the overall score.

Winning rummy is all about balancing the game skills & time. Each opponent’s card pick & discard will minimize your chances of winning if you let them pick. Rather, you should be proactive to minimalize your score in every card pick & discard to seize the game.