Call Break / Call Break FAQs

Call Break on A23 is user-friendly in both design and gameplay. The 3D perspective of the game has been simulated to such an extent that it mirrors real-life gameplay scenarios, and the graphics are enhanced to the point which is as close as it can get to the actual game.

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Points scored by each player are evaluated depending upon the calls the respective player made in the beginning of the game.

  • Points are equivalent to the calls.
  • If a player wins a lower number of sets than the Call, one gets negative points equivalent to the difference between number of sets one won and number of sets one called. If someone scores more sets than their call, they get extra 0.1 points for each extra set they win.
  • E.g. If player A calls 3 and wins 3 sets, he gets 3 points. If player B calls 4 and wins 6 sets, he will get 4.2 points (4+0.1+0.1). If player C calls 4 as well but wins only 2 sets, he will get -2 points.

  • When a round is complete, the points are evaluated and allocated to the players.
  • Final scores of all the players from all the rounds are calculated to determine the winner
    • Whoever gets the highest points at the end of the game, wins the game. Number of rounds is pre-decided.

When a player disconnects due to Network Connectivity issues:

  • Total no. of skips allowed to the player = 3 X No. of Rounds.
  • No limitations on the number of skips allowed per round.
  • E.g. For a 4-round Call Break game, each player gets 12 skips.
  • Each player during his turns gets 10 seconds to deal his card.
  • If the player is not able to come back in 10 seconds their chance will be skipped. In such a scenario, one random card will be randomly discarded from the legal card suit.
  • If the player exhausts his quota of skips allotted, he will be declared as disqualified for the prize amount.