How to Play Call Break

Call Break Basics
Call break basics
How To Win a Hand
How to win a hand
Scoring Method
Scoring Method
Game Table Elements
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Call Break Winning
How to Discard
Call Break How to Discard
Call Break Autoplay

1. Bidding

  • Before the round begins, bid the number of hands you expect to win within T seconds. If failed to confirm the bid, 1 bid will be taken as default.
  • Default Bid: 1
  • Max Bids Allowed: 13

2. Winning a hand

  • Play the highest card of the same suit.
  • If you don't have the same suit play a Spade (Trump suit).
  • If you don't have a spade, play any suit.

3. Scoring Mechanism

Scenario Points Points
Wins = Bid 1 point for each bid
Wins > Bid 1 point for each bid Bonus: 0.1 for each extra win
Wins < Bid Bid-Wins

If a player is disconnected or in-active for a hand, then he/she will not be awarded points if they win that hand.

4. Tie Scenario

  • In case of a tie in the final score, both players, will get the same rank and an equal split of the pot amount

5. Disqualification Policy:

Auto-Discard & Scoring

In-case a player fails to discard a card either due to disconnection or in-activity, a random card from the legal set of cards will be auto-discarded and no points will be awarded if he/she wins the hand.

Skips: Chances to stay in the game in case you miss your turn.

  • When a player disconnects due to Network Connectivity issues, App Crash/Kill, Screen Inactivity
    • If the player is not able to come back before the end of their turn, one skip will be deducted.
    • If the player exhausts his quota of skips allotted, he will be declared as disqualified and cannot claim winnings.
  • Total no. of skips allowed to the player = 2 X No. of Rounds
  • No limitations on the number of skips allowed per round
  • E.g. For a 4-round Call Break game, each player gets 8 skips

Score on profile icon

After a win the score given to the winning player for that hand is displayed to all the players in their profile icon.

+1 - Win for an active player

+0 - Win for in-active/disconnected player

B. Status Updates

Inactive Player: Autoplay text will be broadcasted to all the players & shown above the player profile.

Disconnection: In case a player is disconnected Autoplay text and a disconnection icon will appear over the profile icon his/her status & player profile will be masked.

Player left table: If a player has left the table, Autoplay text will be shown near his player profile & player profile will be masked.

Auto discarded cards will be marked with Auto text on the cards

Player Left Table

6. Autoplay for 13th card

  • The last card of a round (13th card) will be released automatically and no user action is needed. Even in case of disconnection or in-activity player will be awarded points for hand win.
  • If a player gets disqualified in a round then no points will be given to the player for 13th Hand of that round and all further rounds.