Tournaments/ Cash Tournaments

Cash Tournaments

Adore your passion for Rummy and keep up with the spirit!! Be a part of the highly rewarding tourneys where big cash prizes are up to celebrate your skill.

This special feature will keep you fast and furious while on tables. You need not wait for a longer time to meld the cards or wait for your turn. Everything happens within fraction of seconds.

There is an entry fee to participate in these tourneys. Players can re-entry multiple times, even in the same level. A player just need to have enough chips to play at least 1 game as per the next level entry (= 80 x entry).

The Cash Prize for the tourneys can be either fixed or TBA, where prize is determined by no. of participants & entry made at each level

Cash Tournaments Schedule
When Entry Ranges from Type
Daily ₹ 10 to ₹ 2,000 In Stake Format