Disconnection Handling Policy

As per our Terms & Conditions, it is important for the player to have a good and uninterrupted internet connection from his device in order to play online game of rummy at Ace2Three.

In case, when the user's internet is weak, disconnected or interrupted, gaming device may lose communication with Ace2Three's gaming server. We value our players trust with us and always try to secure player's interest first in such scenarios.

Ace2Three has disconnection protection policy, which ensures that player gets ample time to join back in case of disconnection to our game server due to player's weak internet connection and in worst scenario, when the player cannot join back the game, his losses are minimized.

Broad highlights of the policy are:

  • For a disconnected player, there will be three round of auto-play by default, after which the system will decide future course of action based upon player's saved group score.
    • If the player's saved groups score is less than middle drop count, game will keep in auto play mode till some other player places a show
    • If the player's saved group score is more than middle drop count, player will be considered for middle drop.
    • If the game is in auto-play and a show is placed by some other player, disconnected player is awarded either middle drop or his saved groups score, whichever is less.
    • However, this logic does not apply to "Best of X" games where the game always goes into auto play and player does not have an option to drop/middle drop.

In case, when player's gaming device connects backs to our gaming servers after a disconnection, interruption or a network blip, it may receive all messages from Ace2Three server at once which otherwise should have been received by the player during span of network disconnection/interruption/blip.

This can manifest on the client (Player's device) in multiple display only issues, some of which are listed below:

  • Discards and Draw may appear incorrect.
  • Temporarily the client might freeze if low on memory or CPU
  • Cards may appear stuck
  • Grouped cards may get ungrouped

The above list of issues is not exhaustive and players might encounter different types of issues based upon their device type, network connectivity and other applications running simultaneously on the device.

However, Ace2Three declines any direct liability towards any losses incurred by the players for any network disconnections on the player's device or any other external networks. In case of any disruption of services while a Game is in progress, the Company will cancel the Game and refund the points/ cash irrespective of the status of the Game".

Any disconnection issues faced by the players due to external factors and reasons not in control of the Company are addressed on a case to case basis. The Company will cancel and refund the chips to the players once the issue is resolved wherever appropriate.

Ace2Three is making continuous efforts to minimize and resolve display related issues as and when we encounter them, and seek our esteemed player's help to improve. We request our players to report such issues to our dedicated and friendly customer support team who will actively address the concern/issue to player's satisfaction.