Lobby and Table

Desktop Lobby

The Lobby

The Lobby consists of filters for game type, number of players and entry amount. These filters help you to customize your search and view only those games you want to. You can view all the single-table and multi-table tournaments on Ace2Three.

online rummy desktop lobby

Tabs: Tabs correspond to chip types and either single or multi table tournaments. You can select your preferred games by clicking on these tabs.

Both Play and cash formats have Single Table as well as Multi Table Tournaments.

Filters: Filters help you select the specific type of game you want to play. Your preferences are automatically saved and you will see the same filters selected the next time you login.

Not only can you join the tables faster but also customize your search by using these filters.

Join: Clicking on Join will take you to a table in "Registering" mode. If no tables are in "Registering" mode, you will be taken to a table in Open mode.


Ace2Three offers 2 types of tables - tables that can seat 2 players and tables that can seat up to 6 players. 101 and 201 Pool games can be played on both tables whereas Best of 2 and Best of 3 games are played on 2 player tables only. Multi Table Tournaments are typically played on multiple 6 player tables.

Mobile Lobby

Grid Lobby in Tablet/Mobile

Keeping with the pledge of providing only the best playing experience for its players on all platforms, Ace2Three added yet another feature on the Tablet/mobile platform in the form of Grid Lobby. In addition to the Easy Lobby (already present), Grid Lobby would allow players to choose a game variant with required entry amount and no. of players in a more structured format.

By applying easy filters, the player would be able to see clearly whether the games of his choice are in Open/Registering stage and would be able to join accordingly. The application would also remember the filters applied previously thus making it more convenient for players to see only his favorite games the next time.

online rummy tablet lobby

online rummy mobile lobby

Multiple Game Support

Heeding to multiple requests by the players, Ace2Three added the feature of multiple game support in the Mobile/Tablet version of the game which would allow the player to simultaneously play three games even while on the mobile platform. Earlier the players who were using this feature extensively on the Web/Desktop version of the game would be able to enjoy the same seamless experience on the Mobile/Tablet version of the game as well.

online rummy lobby