Poker Security

Trusted by millions! A23 is committed to provide its customers a safe and secure platform to play online Poker Player Safety and trust are of paramount importance to us and we ensure 100% fairness in the games played on A23 by complying with various Security measures in place mentioned below.

Mandatory KYC

In order to maintain integrity and transparency at A23, which includes being able to positively identify its Players, every user account created must agree to the Terms & Conditions of the website, besides complying to the KYC norms at various stages. All users playing on A23 need to comply with KYC process which includes verification of Email address, Mobile number, ID proofs such as PAN card, Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Address proofs and IP address check.

  • Each user has to provide few KYC details at the time of account creation on A23.
  • Each player needs to furnish more KYC details on A23 at various stages of the player journey, for example to add chips more than a certain amount, player needs to verify his identity with legal proofs.

Play Responsibly

A23 adheres to responsible gaming practices to ensure that our players feels safe within the system and play responsibly. We are committed to integrity, fairness and reliability and we always do our best to prevent gaming-related problems.

Following responsible gaming features are deployed at A23.

  • Add Cash Limits: Each player has his own defined add cash limit for cash addition. Players have the flexibility to control their add cash limits.
  • Age Checks: Players below 18 years of age are not allowed to play on A23.
  • Account Closure: Players can reach us to get their accounts closed with us. Players can ask to close their accounts with A23 for a temporary and permanent basis.
  • Territory Checks: Players from certain states of India such as Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Orissa, Sikkim, Gujarat, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are not allowed to play on our real money tables. Also, users from outside India are not allowed to play as well.

Game Security

At A23, we ensure game level security as a top business priority to maintain trust among players and provide a platform for a fair play. A lot of measures are in place to make sure that players can enjoy fair gaming experience without worrying about any fraudulent behavior.

  • Secure Random Number Generator (RNG): Cards are distributed using a certified Random Number Generator software which cannot be modified or managed at any time by A23. Our random number generator (RNG) has been verified by iTech Labs Australia, which is a globally competent authority (ISO 17025 certified) for RNG verification and provides RNG certifications to multiple Indian and global gaming companies (
    A certified RNG ensures that all players have cards shuffled and dealt fairly by the system without any bias. Click here to view RNG certificate.
  • Communication protection: All games played on A23 are conducted over a secure communication between the game servers and the devices of the customers (laptop, PC or mobile devices). Also we have dual verification and log protection checks at various levels to prevent data manipulation at both client and server end.
  • Add Cash Security: All add cash transactions are secured with 2048-bit SSL. No credit card/debit card information of player is stored on A23.
  • Fraud and Collusion Protection: A23 has deployed multiple fraud protection measures to ensure that our players stay protected from on table collusion frauds.
    • In A23 poker, players are randomly allotted tables, thereby mitigating chances of fraud and collusion.
    • All users playing on A23 are associated with IP address which is being stored by the Company. Players logged in from the same IP address are not allocated seats on the same table.
    • Players found colluding on a table by our fraud detection system are blocked further from taking seat on the same table.
    • Anti-fraud algorithms tracks every move during the game by every player on every table round the clock.
    • Security patches get updated as and when notifications get released by the Vendors.
    • A23 continuously reviews compliance of its Security measures.
  • Disconnection Protection: All players connect to A23 via internet and in some cases face network fluctuations/blips. To keep player's interest safe following disconnection, the following protection measures are in place:
  • For Cash Games: If you are playing on a cash table you will automatically be sat out until you return and choose to post blinds again. Until you return you will not pay any blinds.
  • For Tourneys: If you are accidentally disconnected from the server during a game, your hand will be folded when your allocated time to make a decision has expired. However, blinds will get deducted from your stack until you return.
  • No BOTS Policy: A23 does not have any robotic programs (BOTs) on its gaming platform and does not participate in any games. All players are genuine with appropriate level of KYC verification.

Website Security

All the Company's websites are SSL (Secured Socket Layer) enabled and necessary certification have been obtained from a third party "Thawte". Hence, these websites can only be accessed over https://.

HDWPL has code signing certificate obtained from Thawte to avoid any alterations of software package (DL - Download Client) which is being distributed to customers.

Data Center Security

We avail the services of an International Data Centre having a decade's experience and expertise in providing the infrastructure services for ensuring high availability, seamless performance and reliable security for mission critical applications. As part of this continuous process the Datacentre is certified with ISO 27001 and many other such certifications. Using vast experience of its Centre of Excellence teams, state of the art tools at their disposal and in-depth understanding of infrastructure management, Data centre Operations tries to resolve issues by not only restoring the services after an incident, but also by carrying out a root- cause analysis to avoid repeated issues. Using advanced monitoring and service management platform, the services are monitored 24X7 throughout the year. As part of additional measures like protection from DDOS attacks has also been availed to increase the availability of the infrastructure to the end users/players.

Relogin Checks

It seldom happens, but in case our client hangs or crashes because of player's device hardware limitations (leaving too many apps/windows open) the player logs in again to continue from the same channel or a different one. In such scenarios, we have multiple re-login checks to ensure that the player can resume his game that has gone into 'Autoplay' mode due to the disconnection.

Duplicity Checks

We have robust duplicity checks in place that calculate the duplicity scores of players. Duplicity scores above a certain threshold are marked and we then run programs to get in touch with such players and shut their duplicate accounts. This also plays an important role in players receiving relevant promotional content.

Product Test Accounts

As a part of policy, all employees of Head Digital Works Private Limited are not allowed to play on A23. To check the health of the system and reproduce customer reported issues, we maintain a handful of test accounts on production system. These accounts are marked as internal test accounts in our back office systems and no redeem of cash is allowed for such accounts. Also, only the marked internal test accounts can use office premises to login and play in the production system to check the system health if required.

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