Pool / Pool FAQs

You can play online pool on your mobile by downloading the A23 Games app. Once the file has been downloaded, you can enter the app and choose Pool from various other games available on the platform. Start off with a free Pool game and move up the ladder.

Practice makes perfect. Not much unlike real world pool tables here also you will have to practice your skills. Learn how to take shots at an angle by bouncing your balls with the side walls into the pockets. As your skill levels increase and your confidence along with it, you can start entering real money games of higher value. Beat your opponents and bag the winnings.

Once you have entered your game in 8-Ball Pool, you aim your pool cue and drag and release the power with your finger. The longer you drag, the more power is generated. The game involves a head-to-head contest where the objective is to pocket the colored pool balls of your type and prevent your opponent from doing the same. Once you have pocketed all of your chosen balls, you will then need to pocket the eight-ball (black) to win the game.

  • The player gets 45 seconds to come back and hit the striker
  • If the player is not able to come back in 45 seconds, the opponent would be declared as the winner
  • The player will be given 3 rounds of 45 seconds each. If the player is unable to get back within these 3 rounds, the opponent wins by default