What's New 2013

Table Configuration Options Updated: 5th June 2013

To offer its players more flexibility and fun, Ace2three rummy added configuration options on its tables so that a player can choose and configure the table according his/her requirements.

Now a player will get an option to enable and disable card grouping on the table itself. Once the player enables "Grouping", he will get an option to group two or more cards together along with "Group Meld" option which allows a player to meld a group of cards in a single click. Grouping has been further simplified where the player get an option to move cards between groups once he has placed a show.

Adding to player flexibility, Ace2three table will have "options" button where the player will see table options menu and can select a theme for his tables. Player has an option to choose between refreshing "Modern" theme and the much admired "Classic" theme. Table sounds can also be configured from the options menu.

Card Grouping enable/disable


Table Options